And to Thee, I wed. WEDDING DAY!

18 August 2015

Powerful is the word I would use to describe our wedding day.

The momentum of the day was powerful. Once we got going, the wave of the day didn't stop until all was over.

And of course, the emotions of the day were powerful.  The grand level of commitment and having many suspended moments of comprehended eternity, that poignancy was powerful. And then having so many people around to smile at us and be present with us alongside this day, the love was powerful. And then being able to catch up with so many friends and see so many loved ones all together, the happiness was powerful.  And then having Ryan by my side the whole time, and sensing the permanency of our relationship shift, that security was powerful.

So here is a summary of our wedding day.  Actually it's more of a detailed narrative that's babbly and effusive.  BUT IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!!!

The night before we held a barbecue with both of our immediate family's. And I also invited Leslie, her husband, and her baby. My two favorite moments of the night were, finally seeing Ryan and I's older sisters together.  Because they look really similar and have very similar personalities.   Then I also enjoyed talking to Ryan's uncle, Matt. He is just so genuine and kind. He was asking me about my writing, and I forgot that I had ever even told him about it. And I loved watching him ask Brennan about his interest in tennis.  Seeing my brother respond so shy but Matt's sincerest efforts to really know him and appreciate him.  Matt truly is one of the most sincere people.  Later, Ryan told me that Matt is his top 5 most admired people in life for the exact same reasons I was seeing.

The next morning, I woke and had half a day before I had to be anywhere!  This is the way every bride should do it, because it was so relaxing and blissful. I just pampered myself - got ready slowly, turned up the music, allowed myself to get distracted with whatever.  I even called people to see what was happening in the outside world.  The majority of my family, and Ryan and the majority of his family, were at our reception site getting everything set-up. And I was just a calm, happy little bride laying on her bed and kicking her legs in the air. It was perfect.

Then at 11:30, Devin, Kara, and Ryan came over so Kara could trim Ryan's hair.  We laughed and analyzed Bachelor in Paradise together.  It was very important that the four of us do this on our wedding day, and also make sure Baby Camberli hears it.  Then at 12:15, Ryan and I were out the door on the way to the temple.

After finishing all of the preliminary items, our sealer briefly met with us, and then he went to see if all our guests were gathered in the sealing room, which gave Ryan and I a moment alone together in an adjoining sealing room.  We were standing in front of the eternity mirrors, and who knows what happened, but we were laughing our heads off when the sealer came back.

Then he led us to our sealing room.  It was packed full of our family and closest friends, all eyes on us, so many smiles.  It was such an overwhelming feeling, and both Ryan and I marked it as the highlight of our day.  He said the love he felt from all of his family and friends to be there and support him was one of the grandest feelings he's ever felt.  After we sat down on the designated couch together, and the sealer began, I peered around the room to find each of the people I invited, making eye contact and smiling with the majority of them.  I am so grateful that we were able to have such a big sealing room, but Ryan and I had to really really really refine our lists for who to invite and that was hard.  We wished for a few more spots.  Most of my guests had to travel between 6-12 hours to get here just for this.  It blew my mind how much dear love people have for Ryan and I.

Among the speech of the sealer, my favorite thing he said was:   "In essential things, give unity. In nonessential things, give liberty. And in everything, give charity."

Then Ryan and I were sealed, and I couldn't contain the smile on my face. I loved watching Ryan across the altar from me and seeing the emotion swell in him. And I just couldn't get the grin off my face.

Afterwards, we did pictures with our friends and family in the shade of the Jordan River temple trees.  Then Ryan and I had some photos taken with just us and the temple.  The Jordan River temple is more beautiful than I remember when I would come over the summer for temple work.  It has truly become my favorite temple!  SO exquisite and surreal.  And the overlook of the mountains - LOVE!

After pictures, Ryan and I drove to our reception location, which was a backyard garden of one of Ryan's family friends.  It was GORGEOUS!!  And absolutely perfect.  It was shady and expansive and so green.  Our family's were already there, the food was ready to go, and even some of my friends had come early to help out.  I never asked them to, but they just wanted to help.  It was SOO nice of them!  Our reception was catered by Christopher's Steakhouse - one of Ryan's clients.  And my sweet friend, Ashley, took on the role of our decorator and took care of everything the whole night!  Her generosity astounded me!

Ryan and I stood in the lower area with a bridge and little pond with a huge forest behind us that the kids explored all over the place while their parents waited to speak with us.  We greeted all of our guests for the next two hours.  It was so fun to have such a succession of good people and close friends come through.  I met so many Salt of the Earth type people in Ryan's life. 

Then we went to the upper-level of the gardens with the food and all our guests.  We cut the cake, which my former roommate Cici made and it was delicious!

As soon as the cake ceremony was complete, Ryan went to grab some more food, and all of my good friends stood up to come hang out with me, who had all merged in the night and become one full group.  Seeing all my good friends, from all different times and areas of my life, sitting together and becoming well-acquainted, it REALLY made me appreciate all the people I've come to know.  We all stood in a circle and laughed and took pictures.  I LOVE my friends.  Such good-hearted and hilarious people.  I am so so lucky to have such wonderful close people.

I was SOOO happy.  Full of so so much happiness.  It is such an overhwhelming experience to have so many people you love and care about and that care about you be all in the same place at the same time.  People just expressing their joy and love for you all day.

Once the sun started to set, Ryan and I said our goodbyes to everyone.

A former co-worker came at the last second.  He was a dear friend of mine, and he said he rushed over here after scout camp, barely making it.  It was SO nice of him!

And then I left with Ryan, my husband.

What a perfect, perfect day.

Upward and onward,

And these are all the pictures I have collected so far.  If you have any more, send them my way.  I would LOVE them!!


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  1. Nathan got a video of your temple exit. We will put it on a thumb drive for you guys to enjoy. Yours was one of the most beautiful sealings I have ever attended.

  2. I'm so glad everything went amazingly for your wedding! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Love you!

  3. "In essential things, give unity. In nonessential things, give liberty. And in everything, give charity." I love that! I love that you shared it. This post makes me so happy. Congratulations! You're a couple that will change the world.