I Married The Smart Guy

23 October 2015

What I love about Ryan is that his intelligence is quick.  He takes only seconds to think of the best way to handle situation and carries out the most smart response.  Smart in thought and in action.  That has always made me feel more secure in hitching my wagon to someone of the sort.  My honest fear - the yoke in marriage being undistributed, and after awhile, I'm pulling that whole handcart by my own. 

Once I remember going on Ryan's boat and one side of the waist tie of my sweat pants had become undone and was lost in the back of the waist band.  Ryan took the pants and immediately got the waist tie out, lit a match using the floor of his boat, and ensured that the recovered waist tie would not come undone again.  Then, handed my pants back to me as though as it was nothing.  I mean, it was kind of nothing - a very small act.  But to me, it was everything - a very big message.

Upward and onward,

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