Silly happy goons

07 October 2015

Let's start here:  I don't really have full permission to share this story.

But, this story isn't very long so if sins are counted in duration, then I'll take a risk on quickly sharing this one.

Next, it must be noted that all participants in the story stay fully clothed the whole time.  Well, except for a small change in costuming.

And with that, we shall begin.

I have been one happy gal since this marriage began.  The joy I have over Ryan is borderline obsessive.  Most witnessed in the way I follow him around everywhere.  Doesn't matter if he's headed for the closet to get his shoes, I'm dead on his heels.  Granted, I used to do that to my roommates who I really liked as well (Leslie, Krystal...ha!) ... I love being around the people that I love!  I probably have a bigger obsessive harassment issue than I thought.  

With that, another part of me that has flared is my laughter.  I laugh all the time these days.  And I would have it be known for my own proof of sanity that Ryan is a very funny gentleman; he has astonishing wit, so he makes me laugh all the time.  But Ryan would also have it be known that I have a giggling problem all my own that is borderline disturbing.  Which started in the beginning of our courtship, so he can't say he didn't know.  But sometimes, I just giggle for no reason for nearly 20 minutes, and Ryan just has to sit and wait, usually patting my knee and saying, "It's okay.  Just let it out."  I'm the silliest person he's ever known, he tells me.

So marriage has intensified these problems for me.  I'm jolly and giddy like a fool.  (And I can say that Ryan is plagued similarly as well... ;) )  This insanity slightly sets the stage.

Okay, so this story starts with no giggles.

Ryan and I were sitting on the couch together after eating our dinner.  After awhile, I go to clean-up the kitchen, and he disappears into the bedroom.  Noting he is gone, I give up on the dishes and go to find him.  Even our one bedroom apartment doesn't keep us in tight enough proximity for my liking. 

I find him lying on his back on the bed, just relaxing in his underclothes.

Oh fun!   So I slip into some more comfortable bottoms, and I crawl across the bed towards him.  He's watching me and smiling cooly, and I'm smiling back at him.  We're both keen on the setting mood.  As soon as I'm up next to him, I pause for momentThen I lean slowly down to kiss him.  Just as I do, he looks slightly away from me and says, "Is that what I think it is?"

I look down just as he pulls a withery, soggy full strip of lettuce from my left boob - a remnant from our dinner a couple hours earlier.

I fall onto my back next to him, and we howl for eons, repeatedly glancing at each other and breaking into hysterics all over again.

You know it's a worthy laugh when your legs are kicking up in the air, and you sound like animals.

That's about how our marriage goes.

Upward and onward,

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  1. That is freaking hilarious!!! I literally laughed out loud. So much so that Aden asked me what was wrong. hahahaha! Love it!

  2. That is freaking hilarious!!! I literally laughed out loud. So much so that Aden asked me what was wrong. hahahaha! Love it!