Our New Home

14 December 2015

I love thinking about our life in the house we're moving into.  It has been so nice to continually enlarge this warm, bright daydream during this chilly, dark winter time. 

Like the huge garden we plan to build.  The chickens we will raise.  The food canning we plan to do.  The recipes I want to test and perfect.  The healthy and self-sustained lives we will lead.  The hard-working and satisfied bodies we will have.

I think about our basement with the yoga studio facing the sunrise.  With all the children's bedrooms.  I want it to be a technology free, open space.  A space of curiosity and discovery.  I picture the large basement room a mirror on the back wall.  We can all dance, work-out, meditate and observe ourselves.  We can use the wall as a teaching tool, writing new vocabulary words we are learning on the mirror.  I imagine a reading space in the sunny corner with a globe and drawing paper.  In the other corner, Ryan will install a mud sink and we'll tend our plants before we take them outside to the garden.

We will finally be permanently located.  A solid family in the ward, sharing our beliefs about Zion communities and living those beliefs with our neighborhood.  Meeting our neighbors and baking for them.  Going for runs into the mountains.  Finding the local stores and restaurants to help support.  Make friends and build a network.

I imagine Ryan and myself.  We are already better people than we were when we first got married.  And I see us as our best selves in this home.  Happy, hard-working, always learning, always teaching.  This home feels so warm and protected already, safe from evil influence, clear of draining and wasteful thoughts.  Insulated with positive and loving energy.  Ryan is so excited for the handyman work and yard care.  I am so excited for all the cleaning and decorating that awaits me.

I believe we are beginning a very happy era.

Upward and onward,

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