Testimony's and Pianos

07 December 2015

Yesterday Ryan suggested we bear our testimonies during fast and testimony meeting, since it was our last Fast Sunday in this ward, and the bishop had wanted us to give talks and suggested this as an alternative.  I really appreciated his suggestion, because we both needed a surge of spiritual connection.  Personally and together.  I went first and I talked about how last year I really studied compassion - vulnerability, empathy.  And this year I really studied acceptance.  Just loving things as they are.  And that led me to a lot of meditation and seeing the light in all things.  Everything points back to Christ.  And we can really elevate ourselves as human beings and feel His light more wholly and perfectly.  Then I bore testimony that I have such a solid testimony of His existence.

Then Ryan stood up and discussed all the pets his family had growing up, talking specifically about fish.  He talked about the difference between fresh water and salt water fish, and that one could not survive in the wrong environment.  And then he brought up the scripture about our states of happiness, and that since we are literal offspring of a Heavenly Father, we belong in fresh water environments and we begin to shrivel in the wrong environments.  It was such a beautiful testimony.

And then I headed off to Primary, as my first, and second to last day as the Primary pianist.  I LOVED it!  I haven't touched a piano in over a decade, but I played so well!  I loved being in there!  Ryan got out early and was standing outside the primary waiting for me.  When I came out, he said, I didn't know you could play that good!

A good day.

Upward and onward,

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