White Christmas in the mountains

25 December 2015


Ryan and I are on a nice Christmas vacation with Ryan's family, tucked into the mountain town of Eden, with heavy snow falling all around and loving people and food everywhere.  There is a lot of good food, good company, and an ongoing ping-pong tournament.  Everyone is eager for all the snow activities like sledding, snowboarding, and their annual Nazarene dinner on Christmas Eve.  I have a high amount of fatigue from rapid packing, cleaning, moving, and unpacking and more cleaning recently.  As Ryan and I snuggle into bed on our first night of this get-a-way, I confess my exhaustion to him.  He is so sweet to me all the time.  He wraps me up and forms a plan for me the following day that I can have some quiet time and reassures me that he'll take care of me.  I really appreciate his patience and support.

I definitely enjoyed a good long run in the mountain briskness.

Upward and onward,

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