28 December 2015

When you fail [or when life fails you], you don't need more discipline to get yourself going again.  You need self-forgiveness [and self-love].

Listening to Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown in a podcast together.  These womens' minds are so beautiful; I almost want to cry that they are merging their thoughts into one discussion!  Today, I loved how Brene talked about ONLY sharing your personal self when all the healing and reconciliation is done.  Then, in the time when you do decide to share, others opinions mean nothing.  You don't need them for your healing.  Yours is always yours to keep holding.

So sacred.  So much power in holding yourself tight in compassion and care.  I know this to be one of the truest truths.

Self, I love you.  You have endured a lot.  And you are safe to keep releasing it in the space and time that you need.  You are so abundant.

Upward and onward,

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