The first sunrise of the year

01 January 2016

This morning I awoke early and crawled out of bed.  I heard Ryan's sleepy voice say, "Happy New Years," as I sought to sneak out of the room and leave him undisturbed.

I made a morning health drink and stood at our big back window and observed the sunrise over the mountains.  We have such an excellent view eastward.  Then I began a hefty work-out and checked back with the sunrise every 15 minutes to see the progression.  It was breathtaking each time.  But also, I was just short on breath from working out anyways.

I thought of 2015, and how it was a year of change for me.  Needless to say, it was pretty exhausting.  But also, I feel that I'm settling down - a husband, a house - and it is very rewarding.  2015 never stopped moving for me:  a change of jobs, and then shortly after, a change in jobs again.  Overlap that with wedding planning, a wedding, and moving into a new apartment.  And then shortly after that, a home purchase, and then moving and settling into another new home.  And then quickly putting together a rental space in the basement.  Such big and important changes, all happening on top of each other or one after the other.  Oh dang, and then it was New Year's Eve and I was like: finally, I should sleep.

So, with New Year's Even celebrations usually being with high expectation and low return, we celebrated just the opposite - with low expectations and high return.  Warm white chicken chili soup, a good snuggle and a movie, and off to bed. It was well before midnight.  But we slept with solid satisfaction.  As new homeowners, Ryan and I say to each other every day, "it really feels like we have made it.  Like we are now adult."  Adult enough to start buying tools and ladders, at least.  Now, life for us can cease uprooting and shifting around so much.  Instead, we can build upon these strongholds we have - in each other and this home under our feet.  Or is it "home over our heads?"  Or is it "home four walls around, 9 ft high, with Santa chimney access?"  Idioms lose me.

We hope that 2016 brings us a lot of rest and joy through this foundation of sustained living. 

Upward and onward,

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