Gold Medal Moments | Anything with Ryan

26 February 2016

Happy Memories during the thick of tax season:

-Watching The Intern with Ryan.  And then watching it again the next day, haha!

-Going to IKEA for dinner on Valentine's day with Ryan and eating in the cafeteria  (Remember our apartment is basically in the IKEA parking lot, so this decision seemed very natural).  It was SO delicious.

-Going to Longhorn Steakhouse with Ryan on my highest billing week.  Loving the lamb chops!  And now I always want to order lamb!

Anything with Ryan.

Upward and onward,

The world is singing to me

I knew it was going to be a good day when I stopped to fill up my gas tank on the way to the office.  I was clicking through all the questions on the gas pump, and when the question came up, "would you like to buy a car wash?"  My brain instantly sang to me - exactly like the Frozen song - "would you like to build a snowman?"

Would-you-like-to-buy-a caarrr waaaaaaaaash?

I graciously told the pump no, but I appreciated it for singing that to me.

I have been getting to the office an hour and a half early this week.  Before everyone else, except the owner.  We've had some good conversations, and I have also been able to settle myself in before the rush of the day starts.  Once the office gets going, it doesn't have a single lull until the final client leaves for the day.  At the start of the week, when I'd arrive just before the first client, I'd start frazzled and stay that way for the day.  I noticed an impatience within me by 7:00 pm where I'd urge my clients - inside my brain - to stop talking, shorten your sentences, just answer my questions directly please!  And I also began feeling greedy.  When the whole office is based off of 100% commission, I would tell Ryan as we lay in bed how some days it felt ravenous for everyone wanting more clients.  And when I would get caught in that, my intentions changed, becoming selfish and shallow.  But if I just hold the belief that I am already abundant, and I am so so grateful for each client opportunity, I don't rush for more; I actually seek to be more equitable and grateful, and my good energy ends up yielding me more anyways.

Also each morning after I work out,  I sit down at the kitchen counter, with my eggs cooking across the kitchen, and I say a prayer that I will be full of God's love today - love for my co-workers and clients - and I imagine myself being filled with light, and then I pray to have all greed and selfishness be stripped from me.  Works like a charm every day.  My days have been going completely better!

And now gas pumps are singing to me!

So, onto my work.  But, not without some inspirational Friday quotes.  These are from one of my favorite Instagram accounts (@powerofspeech):

Upward and onward,

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Honesty Box | Fairys and Pregos... I'm just so obsessed.

22 February 2016

Choosing a movie for the evening, and I read the synopsis of this one:

"In 1944 fascist Spain, a girl fascinated with fairytales and her pregnant mother go to live with her new stepfather."

I had to re-read a couple times.  Honestly folks, commas are useful.

Upward and onward,

Life Lately: Meditating CPA Edition

07 February 2016

If someone were to ask me how life was going right now, given busy season and all... the long hours, the go-go-go all day from lots and lots of clients, the hurry.home.binge.snuggle.husband--AH-BEDTIME again, and again, and again, I would respond---


Oh my gosh.

The truth is - in January, my anxiety was on a roar.  Like 3 am nightly, my brain drove my body into blissless alertness and pulsing concern and I would sit up in bed and just worry mercilessly.  Isn't that right, Ryan, wasn't I a wee bit nervous?  Ah good, he can't answer so you can audibly hear.  I would fret about my impending busy season at work, about the house, about the mice in our house, about babies.  January, my mind was on a track that just seemed endlessly tense.  It wasn't pretty.  Like, quite literally - it was.not.pretty.

So, I did what has given me grace from such great ailments in the past - I dove into meditations specific for my troubles.  I built a meditation bed in our office, and I'd go there in the middle of the night each night when my mind would wake up for it's daily fester.  I'd turn on a diffuser and enter a realm of deeper consciousness.  It became such beautiful hours for me, and I felt my anxiety shedding directly from me.  My favorite phrase says in 1 Nephi - "peace like a river."  That's what I was going for.  Peace flowing through me with the thickness and depth and tranquility like a cool, winding river.

And wonders it has done to meditate that element into me.  I am a whole-hearted believer that shifting your subconscious slightly will massively shift your conscious realm.  Lifting that bit of anxiety has planted me firmer into the joys of my life.  My love towards Ryan is at such a deep level that I don't think its possible to love more without exploding; my feelings about the future, especially work and family-making, are joyous and excited and calm.  I feel so stable and sound within myself.  Now, instead of writing down my morning prayers, I have begun drawing my prayers in pictures, as I dictate to Heavenly Father through my images all the good I am feeling inside.  Though the pictures are nothing that should be framed.  Well actually, nothing that should be ever shared at all because they are entirely indiscernible to even myself the next day.  I'm talking drawings of blocks and elementary cloud-puff trees and my flowing-peace-river that looks like soggy bacon.

Work specifically, I am really enjoying.  First of all, I love doing taxes.  I am super impressed with myself and how I've just picked up this super strong knack for taxes and consulting.  It makes me feel smart, and I do like that feeling.  Second, I love all the people I am meeting.  I feel such a Christlike love towards them, because coming in to do taxes really wipes out the ego of mankind and puts us all on the same plane.  Everyone has to file a tax return no matter how rich or healthy or fatigued or tall.  We're all subject to this law, and I get to be their advocate and liaison.  I consult people who are bubbly and humorous, and I consult people who are more quizzical, long-winded, and dry.  And with every person, I disregard my natural state - whether I am tired or impatient or I have seen way too many clients already that day - and I breathe in deep to draw my better self, and I look at the current client as one who is here in a very sincere and vulnerable place as they trust me to be their steward and do what's best for them.  So I sit up taller and I treat them as if they are my one and only client (not my 11th that day while I'm low on blood sugar).  And I feel so much love for each of them individually as I serve them to the best of my ability.  I am so grateful for this experience and that this could be my career forever if I choose.

And my success in this line of work has made me feel really limitless.  I feel hugely empowered!!  Long ago, I set a dream for my 28th birthday that I will be surpassing this year on my birthday.  My hard work has gotten me very far, but with that alone, I wouldn't have reached this high goal.  My steps into meditation are what opened the door for me to elevate and reach this place.

This morning as I meditated with this fellow, I felt that maybe all the success I've had with meditation could propel me further into the realms of whole-heartedness and mental abundance that I'm experiencing.  I felt so inspired this morning that I picked more dreams I'd like to see come to fruition.  Although, after I make it through busy season and have a decent amount of time to relax and snuggle Ryan.

I set an intention to:

-add another element to my side financial consulting business to incorporate meditation.
-meet Christiane Northrup, perhaps go dancing with her!
-somehow get involved with Hay House.
-find a charity that really makes me want to stand up and get involved!
-teach meditation and my theories about it that have been proven in my life!
-finish writing about Ryan and I's courtship.
-find more space in time and mind to write about my spiritual and meditation beliefs.

Upward and onward,

My meditation essentials.

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The Man I Married

I married a man who--

scrapes the ice and snow off my car before he leaves for work early in the morning.

who makes us delicious Sunday dinners every week after church (like venison and sweet potato roasts, or blackened cajun salmon and green salads. sheesh!)

who surprises me with a crockpot full of fresh and healthy lunch food because I mentioned while we were doing dishes that the batch of food I made last week wasn't very yummy, and he wanted me to have delicious food to eat while I work so hard all week.

who calls me when he is away on a business trip and says he has arranged me for me to stay at his business partner's house because he is worried about me staying home alone with renters downstairs and wants me to be safe and protected.

who I can talk proudly about while I sit at the dinner table with his business partner's wife (Sandy, whom I adore) and talk for hours about what it's like to be married to men that we truly respect and revere.  Which causes me to nearly tear up because it feels SO SO good to respect the one you're with. 

who develops spreadsheets for the operations of his business that are so smart they blow my mind, and I have to have him explain them multiple times (and I am a data and functions person, and I still can't follow him!)

who really seeks for high-service and quality as I observe him working so incredibly hard for our renters and his employees.

who is such a good listener at any time of day or night.

who can offer me worthy priesthood blessings whenever I need them.

who bears the most beautiful testimonies.

who makes me laugh so hard when we sit across the table on a sushi date.

who always holds my hand in the car.

So happy, grateful, and in love.

Upward and onward,

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Being in someone's circle of powerful influence


I have come across one.

I believe that having a mentor - a relatable, admirable, and wise superior - is one of the best ways to square our shoulders and stand taller into our best selves.

I have so many that I admire and so many that I am grateful for.  But I recently found a woman whose theories, education, and story just speak to me and make my soul sing.  I found her through my daily emails with Hay House, a foundation started because of the work of Louis Hay and the power of meditations.  This company is the only one that I can stand to receive daily emails from.  I am the fastest unsubscriber in the world, undoubtedly.  But not Hay House.  I enjoy watching videos and reading about the authors who publish their words through this company.  I love their practices and principles.  And one week, Christiane Northrup was their feature.  I gleaned every one of her videos, watching them two times each.  She talked about our ability as women to be ageless godesses through our health and our thoughts.  Her wisdom was backed by her doctorate studies and work in the medical field, and also by her personal experiences in life, some very painful.  I couldn't get enough of her.

So I downloaded her book on audible - Goddesses Never Age, and I have been listening during my work commute and loving it!  I intend to study as much of her publishings and online videos as I can, deeming her as my mentor.  And so she will be until the time comes that my soul needs to radiate in someone else's energy.  And, I will have it be noted that Christiane Northrup is the first person to ever get their own board on my Pinterest wall.  So that's a big deal.

Upward and onward,

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