The Man I Married

07 February 2016

I married a man who--

scrapes the ice and snow off my car before he leaves for work early in the morning.

who makes us delicious Sunday dinners every week after church (like venison and sweet potato roasts, or blackened cajun salmon and green salads. sheesh!)

who surprises me with a crockpot full of fresh and healthy lunch food because I mentioned while we were doing dishes that the batch of food I made last week wasn't very yummy, and he wanted me to have delicious food to eat while I work so hard all week.

who calls me when he is away on a business trip and says he has arranged me for me to stay at his business partner's house because he is worried about me staying home alone with renters downstairs and wants me to be safe and protected.

who I can talk proudly about while I sit at the dinner table with his business partner's wife (Sandy, whom I adore) and talk for hours about what it's like to be married to men that we truly respect and revere.  Which causes me to nearly tear up because it feels SO SO good to respect the one you're with. 

who develops spreadsheets for the operations of his business that are so smart they blow my mind, and I have to have him explain them multiple times (and I am a data and functions person, and I still can't follow him!)

who really seeks for high-service and quality as I observe him working so incredibly hard for our renters and his employees.

who is such a good listener at any time of day or night.

who can offer me worthy priesthood blessings whenever I need them.

who bears the most beautiful testimonies.

who makes me laugh so hard when we sit across the table on a sushi date.

who always holds my hand in the car.

So happy, grateful, and in love.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Thank you so much :) You are so kind when you write about me!