The world is singing to me

26 February 2016

I knew it was going to be a good day when I stopped to fill up my gas tank on the way to the office.  I was clicking through all the questions on the gas pump, and when the question came up, "would you like to buy a car wash?"  My brain instantly sang to me - exactly like the Frozen song - "would you like to build a snowman?"

Would-you-like-to-buy-a caarrr waaaaaaaaash?

I graciously told the pump no, but I appreciated it for singing that to me.

I have been getting to the office an hour and a half early this week.  Before everyone else, except the owner.  We've had some good conversations, and I have also been able to settle myself in before the rush of the day starts.  Once the office gets going, it doesn't have a single lull until the final client leaves for the day.  At the start of the week, when I'd arrive just before the first client, I'd start frazzled and stay that way for the day.  I noticed an impatience within me by 7:00 pm where I'd urge my clients - inside my brain - to stop talking, shorten your sentences, just answer my questions directly please!  And I also began feeling greedy.  When the whole office is based off of 100% commission, I would tell Ryan as we lay in bed how some days it felt ravenous for everyone wanting more clients.  And when I would get caught in that, my intentions changed, becoming selfish and shallow.  But if I just hold the belief that I am already abundant, and I am so so grateful for each client opportunity, I don't rush for more; I actually seek to be more equitable and grateful, and my good energy ends up yielding me more anyways.

Also each morning after I work out,  I sit down at the kitchen counter, with my eggs cooking across the kitchen, and I say a prayer that I will be full of God's love today - love for my co-workers and clients - and I imagine myself being filled with light, and then I pray to have all greed and selfishness be stripped from me.  Works like a charm every day.  My days have been going completely better!

And now gas pumps are singing to me!

So, onto my work.  But, not without some inspirational Friday quotes.  These are from one of my favorite Instagram accounts (@powerofspeech):

Upward and onward,

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  1. Gosh you're amazing. I know how intense tax season is for you. That's awesome you are able to approach it like this. Love those quotes!