Blessing Our Home

21 March 2016

Tonight was a special night.  Ryan blessed our home.  Right after he made homemade tomato soup, and we ate it in front of the fireplace with grilled cheese.  We found out we were pregnant two weeks ago, and the moments have been very precious around here since. 

Last night, we told Ryan's mom over the phone while I cut Ryan's hair, and she got so excited and Ryan teared up. It was so sweet.  I love him so much, and I love seeing how excited and happy he is.  It's such an incredible feeling to create a family with someone that you love so much.  It feels so large and epic.  Aand talking about how we are going to raise our family has been so so special.

And since we found out we are pregnant, I feel an even stronger surge to build a home that is bursting with the Spirit and wanting to make this house a place of inquisition, and open communication, and reading, and building and planting and and cooking and growing and learning all together.  I know it will be separate from the world, both in distance, and in pursuit.  I want technology to be a small resource, while our minds are a bigger one, discovering and understanding things by own means.  I want to be united and loving and laugh a lot. 

So, Ryan and I decided for Family Home Evening tonight that we would bless our home.  We have wanted to since we moved in, and now has never felt more right.

We kneeled together in front of the fireplace, and Ryan blessed this house so properly and beautifully.  He blessed that it would be a place for the Spirit to reside, for all of us to grow and develop into the eternal family that we want to be, where we can worship and find safety from the world.  He blessed that this would be a place of acceptance and nonjudgment for all who enter here - I loved that!  And he blessed that this house would be a place where we could all strongly access peace and revelation.  He prayed that the structure and foundation would be sound, and the home would be sturdy and without major problems.  He blessed that our home would be full of scripture reading, and praying, and striving to become more like Christ.  He prayed that our family would be loving and forgiving.  He prayed that our home would be a dwelling that Christ and Heavenly Father could enter, and our home could have angels visit if need be.

It was so perfect.  Then we hugged for a long time.  I love Ryan so much.  I can't adequately express what it's been like to have this man in my life.  Someone who knows me so so intimately; all my best qualities and my worst; who supports me and adores me unfailingly.  Someone who is so admirable and respectable and honorable himself.  Ryan is beyond description for me.  He has so many qualities that are so exemplary, that I am just in awe.  I love him so much.

Upward and onward,

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