Grace & I

25 April 2016

Yesterday we went to morning church in Cabo.  Everything was in Spanish, but Ryan whispered how neat this experience would be because the Spirit would really be our teachers, since the spoken word was lost on us.

I really liked the ward chorister.  An American woman living in Cabo with her family.  She was beautiful, with red hair, and she smiled the entire time she led the music.  She sang loud and beautifully.  She even choked up on the Sacrament hymn.  I watched her the whole time and wanted to be her friend.

I listened to the talks and caught bits and pieces.  My favorite phrase - "el luz de Cristo."  The light of Christ.  I love imagining that light.

I thought about grace, because that was the concept I woke up thinking about.  To me, grace says, your gaps are filled through Me, Jesus Christ.  You are a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.  Together, everything about you is whole and complete.  That feels SO good to me.  I feel more relaxed in my self-progression when I think about grace.  And I woke up today thinking it was a day of grace too, and I felt myself get off my own back.

I am definitely a being of self-progression and discipline.  God did not lose those principles on me.  And because of these qualities within myself- while such great assets - I also maintain an extremely strong awareness towards my weakness.  I focus on them and chisel away at them and seek so so diligently to overcome them, praying over my glacial progress sometimes.

But then I thought about how I have started a practice of journaling 3 things that really touched me during that day.  And I have done it diligently as a way to break my tax season slump.  And I have been getting so excited each day as something occurs, and I know that that is a moment I will be writing down.  I get SO joyful about small moments and getting to put them in my grateful archive.

And because of this practice, a lot of my weaknesses that surfaced from the rush and strain of tax season, and first trimester pregnancy, have begun to disseminate and disappear.  And what a simple practice!  That makes me think of this book I read a couple Christmas's ago that Chelsea gifted to me.  About putting less effort into trying to wipe out our weaknesses, and putting more effort into augmenting who we already are.  And all I needed to do was build a little practice for myself that would pull my best self to the surface.  Not put my effort into stuffing my worst selt to the bottom.  It's so much easier and so much more effective.  So I will continue this practice.

Perhaps this is grace in practice. 

I wonder if that ward chorister in Cabo has had a similar journey with grace.

Upward and onward,

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