Yard Night

10 April 2016

Ryan and I came home from work a couple weeks ago with an excited plan to do some long-awaited yard work.  We moved into our home on a dark night in December, so really, we hadn't even seen our yard until all the snow melted a couple months ago.  It was.... going to be a piece of work.  We'll just leave it at that.

So, we pulled out some rakes and got to work hacking away at the morgue of rotting leaves.  We found pudding packs and candy wrappers and pumpkins and popped balloons and so much more.  It was like a party!  Except everything was already eaten and the pumpkin was as mushy as mashed potatoes.  So if it were really a party, then it would have been the worst one ever.

But we kept raking, and talking, and expressing how much we were enjoying this!  The evening air felt refreshing, and it is so rewarding to work hard, especially on a property that we own.  As we cleaned up more of the forsaken autumn debris, we began to smell the fresh soil and the earthiness of the hidden, growing plants.  There was a particular patch of plant that smelled so divine that I got down on my knees and put my face in it.

We cleaned for a long time.  I raked while Ryan trimmed all our bushes and trees.  We moved around the entire yard, really enjoying ourselves.  A few hours went by, the sun was setting, the neighbors were returning from their evening walks, and then...

the wind started to blow and it started to rain.  All our perfect piles of leaves and sticks and candy wrappers and balloons and nasty, rotting pumpkins began to blow around.  Well, no, the pumpkin stayed pretty well put.  So we quickly dropped the rakes and began bagging all the leaves as fast as we could.  I mean, yes doing all that yard work was very pleasant and fun, but having to do a full re-do would have been very grumpy and unpleasant on my end.

In no time, our yard was clean, and clear, and under control.  And we stood in the streets, in the light tinkling rain, staring at our home.  Totally satisfied, like we had just conquered something noteworthy in our little kingdom.  Because really, we had.

Husband.  House.  Hard Work.  It is a very fine life.

Upward and onward,




A few mornings later.  My family was in town for the weekend and my mom took this picture because my uncle wanted to see us and the house :)


  1. It really is so fun to be able to work on OUR own home/yard! Lots of work to do still, but it's coming along! It's really cool to look back and see how much we've accomplished!

  2. OMG! I found you again. It's been a few years....I'm glad you are WELL and doing fine! :)