A Week of Pregnancy / Birthing Meditations

26 May 2016



Ryan and I learned we were having a baby girl.

It was really cool to build the connection from baby being to soul of a girl.

Following my birthing study, I laid down on the couch and conducted a self-meditation.  I relaxed my body deeply, and then I focused on my back, which was stretched in a work-out on Monday and hasn't been content since.  I spoke directly to the muscles in my back, connected them with the muscles in my bum, aligned them with the rest of the muscles in my body.  I massaged them through deep visualization.  My back felt incredible when I stood up, and I can tell the muscles are healing much quicker.

Afterwards, I connected directly with baby, which was my first time doing so.  I spoke to her through my meditation, relaxing the womb around her, breathing the calm into her.  I connected on the idea that she is a girl.  And for the first time, I felt a really strong connection with her.  I felt really buoyed up by the wisdom and truth I have to offer her.  That a little being will be directly gleaning my knowledge and finding so much to build herself.  It made me feel so awakened as myself and joyful.  It was a really amazing experience.  The emotions of happiness and assurance were so strong, and I felt even more joy over having a daughter.



Today I did another study for my mental preparation towards birthing.  Then I laid down for another self-meditation.  I relaxed my body and soothed my back again.  I worked on my birthing breathing, and I felt extremely relaxed.  I imagined giving birth in such a relaxed state, and it felt so inviting.  Then I tuned in on baby girl and spoke with her.  I breathed security and peace around her, and then I talked with her about lessons we observed today as companions in my life.  It was really cool to reflect on what a special time this is - to have someone with you and going through everything with you.

I am grateful for this time to relax and meditate each day.  It feels so good, and I know this consistent practice will be very valuable.



Today I did my birthing studies, and then I laid down to do a meditation.  I woke up about 40 minutes later.  Looks like my meditation worked well - I definitely relaxed quickly and honored the fatigue my body was feeling by falling asleep.  I do remember use the Rainbow Relaxation Method from my book.  Envisioning red dust at your feet, slowly enveloping you like a peaceful mist.  The mist turns to a soft touch that grazes your skin and relaxes you even further.  Then you begin this visualization method again with orange mist and so on.  Orange is the last color I remember.



Today I did a self-guided relaxation, and then did an extended meditation session by pulling up one of the Hypnobabies audios that Hilary gave me.  I slipped into a very deep self-hypnosis.  The speaker even had us go so deep that the muscles in our eyelids became so relaxed that they stopped working.  Even when I am self-hypnotized, I peek to check the time, but this time, I couldn't open my eyes the entire time - it was cool.  I was extremely deep in envisioning My Special Place, as the speaker instructed.  I let it help me feel more deeply and deeply calm.  I saw shapes and colors that soothe me as well.  Then I connected with baby.  Imagining her there with me, saying her name, picturing her, feeling the presence of a person.  I talked with baby and held her hand.  The speaker said that during the birthing process; I will stay in this self-hypnotic place with baby.  We will be relaxed together, and I will assure her everything is going well; and I will talk to her and teach her things.  Then when it's time for her to come out, I will feel her hand slipping from mine.  I thought that was so fascinating to be in a deep hypnotic place with baby, not just distant by myself.  We finished by instilling that each time I meditate, I will go deeper and quicker and it will become easier.

This morning I also got a little book to put all my methods and meditations in to take with me to birth center.  I also decided to pick a scent, which I will use in all my meditations, and then when I take it with me to the birth center, I will have it registered that it means calm and hypnotic.  Ryan said I was very smart to think of that.

Upward and onward,

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