Baby has a gender!

26 May 2016

It's a GIRL!!

The little one took 30 minutes to spread her legs and reveal herself to us.  And when she did, and the technician froze the shot, we all just stared at her privates like we'd won the lottery.

Wow.  That's a girl right there!

Then we took the pink envelope of other photos and left.

Ryan and I walked out to his truck with our arms around each other.  That is one of the most surreal moments I think a couple can have.  Truly, it's like you re-learn that you are having a baby 80 times.  And this a big moment of looking at each other like, "baaaby. yeeeah."  "giiiiirl. baaaby." 

Then we celebrated by eating at Chipotle, which is also where we ate on our first date!  What if I had looked at him on that day and said, "Have me, and I will birth your babies someday."

And now here we are.  Girl baby.

The happiness about this revelation keeps growing and growing.    

Upward and onward,


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