Light in me and in all

05 May 2016

I have many books that I love, but perhaps my absolute favorite, the one that I feel I'm reading in a shroud of light every time I'm involved in its pages, the one that makes me more glad with every sentence, making me think I either wrote this in my sleep or a state of other unconsciousness that I can't remember, or someone has my brain wire-tapped and they scribed my thoughts and published it.  It is:

Light in the Wilderness 

Oh my gosh.  This is my book.  I'd like to encapsulate it for you, both for my own benefit so I can have a speech ready should someone ask me about my favorite book in an elevator ride, and I only have seconds to tell them about everything I think and feel and know to be true in my body, mind, and soul.  And also because, shouldn't people have words for why they like what they really like?  Yes.  So for this book.  This book...  It's just...  it is.  There it is.  The book. 

That's all I can say about it.


Okay, okay.  Here I go.  This book is essentially how we are spiritual entities, full of light and intelligence, combined with psychical matter that slows and dims us.  And if left to our own, we would continue to flounder in the dimming and feel murky and resistant and over-exhausted in attempting to triumph over the emotions and circumstances that tangle us in this equally dim and murky world.  But, give our spiritual entities the reigns, and they draw Light and Height and Energies beyond psychical understanding and capacity.  And soon, our awareness and our existence is enlightened by great degrees and our joy is so deeply reaching and our understanding is magnified to the Truth.  An we can really feel that we are composed of a core that is heavenly and beyond comprehension.  (How do you think the elevator person would feel after all that??).

Every time I read this book, I remember these truths.  And each time, I feel like a snake shedding a layer of my physical self.  The ego, who has grappled onto some frustrated emotion or some never-ending fatigue, who feels the need to wrestle for what she needs in the moment of self-preservation, then reads this book and remembers her true essence.  A core lit through the eternities of very soul and holy matter.  So what is all this weight I'm carrying for naught?  I stop wrestling and let go.  I have so much spirit within me so I let it clear, shift, and expand, until my Spirit Self is what fills me.  And then I am so full and fresh and different.

I would like to share one of my favorite passages.  I read it every morning.  It aligns me to my spiritual foundation before I begin all the temporal go-to's and to-do's of the day.  And having that spiritual root keeps me grounded to the Light in everything, changing how everything is from what it once seemed to be.

Passage shared here.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Love this: "occupation-- aspiring beam of light"