Snapshots of Marriage

22 May 2016


Last night, I was struggling to sleep.  I've been working very hard lately - painting and mowing the lawn and putting our home together and also still working at my job.  I was so fatigued that I couldn't sleep.  So Ryan gave me a massage with oils and soft music.  He does this sometimes, and it is The. Best.  While he was massaging my feet in the soft glow of our bedroom lamp, I felt so happy.  This is SO cool to be married.  To be a couple with him, just the two of us, together in the world, teammates through it all.  I love being with Ryan.


Marriage is lounging in the living room on a Saturday night, after a great day of work and play, and saying to each other, "We should get out of the house."  So you end up at a local desert shop eating a slab of dark chocolate cake and completely enjoying each other's company.  Afterwards you say to each other, "now we should probably go home and eat some dinner."

Upward and onward,


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