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05 May 2016

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My favorite passage in one of my favorite works (see here).  I have found that from reading this daily over the past little while, my perspectives have shifted across the board.  My mind and spirit feels full of so much light. 

1.  There is an infinite intelligence operating in the hidden inner recesses of my begin and in my environment and that it loves me and is supplying what I really need, day to day; that holy spirit at work in me is not an anonymous, mechanical thing; but rather, through the immediacy of the network of holy spirit, God is always present and always in charge and always striving with me, even though His present activity may lie beneath my awareness; that His aims for me are to evolve toward Him, and that all of my life is arranged, day to day, to bring that to pass.  I could accept what comes with greater trust, quiet, even gratitude.

2.  I am more spirit than I am flesh, and so is everyone and every living thing around me; that I am primarily a sojourner and a pilgrim in this world.  As I make a decision to live a consciously spiritual life, true to my being, holy spirit begins to reveal itself in the many forms of life around me, through spiritual senses perhaps hitherto dormant.  i would sense it as it is mediated through Nature and through the preciousness of my fellow human beings.  I would understand what the poet means when he says that in Nature "there lives the dearest freshness of deep down things."  Reverence for life and for the earth is deeply evocative of holy spirit.

3.  Though I may have covered up this inner current, I can uncover it by being very still inside, by strengthening my inner awareness of the life-force in all parts of my body in quite meditation, as it silently flows only with love and reverence for me, growing in sensation and luminosity before my inner eye; this Light exists in a realm of my being that might be termed the "timeless" part of me.  This "real me: is the part to become more consistently aware of.  I can practice stepping into the timelessness of my most quiet mind to that still point inside.  I could learn to do this in any setting, until, indeed, spiritfulness might become my primary awareness, while the noisy activity of my current life might fade into a sort of background music.

4.  Were I to feel holy spirit in its purity, it would make me weep, so tender, so pure, so exquisite is it.  Then I would understand something about the essence of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  Then I would know also my own essence and the truth of my own begin.

Beautiful beyond measure.

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