Weekend at Lake Powell

26 June 2016

Ryan and I went to Lake Powell with Gary and Sandy.  We do a lot together, including monthly plays and frequent trips.  We pair really well together because Gary and Ryan like to do all the same things, as do Sandy and I.

This was my first time to Lake Powell!

On the way down, Ryan and I had a long and incredible discussion about politics and economic systems.  I LOVE talking with this guy.  His knowledge is so endless.  Who needs college when you can just marry a brainiac?  (Kidding; college is good.  As long as you don't feel the government should be paying for it - one of our political discussions).  I felt so enlightened after the conversation.  

We stayed overnight in Cedar City because Gary's truck was acting up (we drove down separately).  We found a nice airBnB unit and watched a movie and ate popcorn.  The next morning, I woke up and worked out in our bedroom.  The windows were open, and I watched a young couple weed their whole garden together in the same duration of time it took me to complete my work-out.  I loved it.

Then we set off to Lake Powell again.  When we arrived it was blistering hot!  We loaded up the boats with our camping gear, launched into the water, and sped through the canyons looking for a good campground.  It was a popular weekend, but we finally found a cove to settle.

We set up camp in the heat of the day (okay everyone else did while my pregnant body rested in the shade - one of the reasons I really like being pregnant).  Then we spent our weekend swimming, kayaking, boating, exploring, fishing, and reading.

It was still really hot at night, so Ryan and I would sleep with our tent windows open to let in the breeze.  It was really awesome to wake up and immediately see the beautiful Lake Powell walls.  One morning I even hiked up one of them.

One evening when were going to bed, the house boat right next to us decided to throw a party at 10 pm.  Ryan and I were saying a prayer when the new Justin Timberlake song was turned on the loudest volume possible.  Ryan continued to pray, but I surreptiously peered around him to see if there was some kind of a dance party.  Ryan stopped praying to see why I was so distracted.  No dance party.  Just a bunch of people wearing glow sticks sliding off their slide.  Probably naked.  I asked Ryan if the music was going to be a problem for him, and he replied that he wasn't ready for sleep yet, but hopefully when he was, they will have turned off their music.  Then one minute later, I heard his breathing get heavy.  Haha!  I stayed up listening to the music, until unrecognizable songs started playing, and then I put in my headphones and fell right asleep.

I had such a good time, and I'm really pleased that this trip is precedent for an annual Lake Powell trip with Gary and Sandy.  It has already been decided :)

Upward and onward,

Ryan preparing his boat in our beautiful jungle wonderland.  Also our front yard.

Our camp:
Ryan and I went kayaking around one of the lake's coves.  Got some good alone time :)) 

Then Gary and Sandy took a turn.

I LOVE this picture.  This was when the guys were fishing in little coves, and I was jumping in and out of the water.

Our camp at dinnertime.

** I am always really interested in black segregation and civil rights story's.  But this one was pretty uneventful.  Good for some light trip reading but not one I'd recommend or ever read again.
*** Pretty fascinating story of a girl joining the Civil War to be with her new husband.  I really enjoyed it!

Link Pack!

17 June 2016

love this post about how to regroup when the world feels scary (like after the Orlando tragedy)

so inspired by this mama's practice on seeking God's wisdom each day.

love is in the small moments - so true and sweet!

productivity is really about what you don't do - YES!  this resonates with me so strongly.

Weekend at Flaming Gorge

13 June 2016

Ryan and I went to Flaming Gorge with his business partner (Gary) and family.  It was their family reunion, so we're talking kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  But we were invited because Ryan is considered family since he and Gary do everything together, including run a business.

I was nervous about going because camping has potential to get uncomfortable real fast.  Especially when you're pregnant and sensitive to heat and restricted from a lot of foods because of UTI's and sleeping is an increasing unfortunate experience. 

But, wow.  Ryan went out of his way to really care of me.  

I came home from a midwife appointment and Ryan had bought all the food, necessary gear, and packed everything up, save my own bag of clothes.  I was so impressed with how prepared he was and how comfortable I was the whole trip.  We slept in a super nice tent with cots and thick pads.  And we ate dinner in our loveseat camp chair by flashlight.  It was so much fun!

During the days, Ryan, Gary, and all Gary's brothers would go fishing on the lake.  They had hired a guide, so they were catching extremely huge fish!  

And I thoroughly enjoyed my time back at camp.  I went for walks (the above picture is from one of my walks), did little work-outs, read, wrote in my journal, and hung out with Gary's wife and her daughters and grandkids back at camp.  

One afternoon, I met up with Ryan at the lake, and I spent the day on the boat with them while they fished.  I had such a good time.  Boating makes me stupid happy; I LOVE it!

We didn't take many pictures, but below is a picture of Ryan and the biggest fish he ever caught.  As well as sunsets on the lake.   

I really enjoyed camping with Ryan :)))  Our love and companionship feels so strong.

Upward and onward,

**** really engaging plot line.  Thriller and murder story.  With all the characters being full of bad habits and darkness, it was difficult to trust anyone, which intensified the story. 

Our Sweet Summer Scenes

05 June 2016

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 am, I watch the live broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word.  I love it!  I usually make breakfast while the show airs.  

And on this Sunday morning, Ryan and I made omelettes! (A hasty photo..)

Our front walkway.  Ryan and I love these purple flowers!  It's been a fun springtime, seeing what perennial plants keep popping up in our yard. 

Out on a Sunday walk.  This is the scene as you exit our neighborhood.  It makes me laugh because before leaving, you must stop at the stop sign and observe this sight - a one way sign pointing to the Draper temple.  HA!  Then as you proceed out of the neighborhood, you can see three temples.  So cool!

Another shot of the entry road to our neighborhood.  So gorgeous.

Another Sunday walk on the trails behind our home.  Such a peaceful place!

I found these diamond pieces for sale on a neighborhood yard sale site.  Ryan helped me paint them with outdoor spray and then hang them on the side of the home.  

I love them!!

Sitting on the beach of the reservoir, which is hidden in the mountains behind our house!  I love driving up here to read!

I love my handsome husband!  

Upward and onward,

Choosing the Energy of Your Mind

I was so taken aback by what she was saying.  I don't even want to write it down because I don't want to solidify those beliefs into my brain.  I have been reading about birth and studying it for the past month, shaping it into a beautiful, sacred, and incomparable experience.  And she spoke of it to me, completely unsolicited, through thunderous shrieking and swearing, throwing her disgust of birth all around the room, particularly about the way I've chosen to deliver.  And I hated it.  If I were ever to describe myself as aghast, it was in that moment.  I just stood there.  I waited for the thunder to stop, for her voice and opinions to finally subside, and then I slowly turned and sauntered off.  My heart felt sensitive.  The topics she chose to speak of so scornfully really mattered to me.  They had become the basis of my entire world lately.  Of what I study and ponder every day.  The beginning solstice of mother and child.  The divine entrance of life.  The fluidity of spirit transferring spirit.  I love finding such magnificence in something and pouring myself into it daily, and I want to protect that.

She came to apologize later, and I received it warmly.  I never felt personally affronted; I just didn't want her thoughts to attach with me.  Nora called me after her nap and spoke to me clearly and boldly about the situation, taking strong stance next to where I stood in regards to birth.  I greatly appreciate her ability to console me and strengthen me in one big swoop.

I've worked hard to build belief sets and thoughts that play to the higher regions of the mind.  I know Satan plays to the lower regions of the mind and tries to surreptitiously draw people there, causing us to think in little ways and feel stifling emotions.  And I have a very impressionable mind, for better and for worse, and I can be lured into the muck of downward energy.  Incredibly, I married a man with the mind of steel.  Nothing thwarts him, sways him, or lulls him downward.  I have felt so blessed in his example.  But I've still had to do my own work in choosing to actively live by higher vibrations for my mind and soul.

So when I came to work and listened numbly to such thoughts on birth, I felt that sense of misalignment.  The feeling I get when something doesn't hold the higher energy or higher vibration that I'd like to fill my mind with.  And the general belief set of that whole office is "Life is struggle.  Pain and suffering is in every situation."  Which cause the most passive aggressive approaches to not empowering oneself over a situation, but just feeling completely justified nestling into bitter complaints.  And that belief set is one that does not pair with me at all.  Not because pain doesn't exist in the world.  Not being I want to be ignorant to it.  But because you pick the vibration by which you want to live.  And I want to live by a really high energy.  One that causes me to think beyond and above problems.  To have such clarity in thought and draw on wise sources.  To feel the good vibrations in people and situations, even when mishaps or weaknesses occur.  And with motherhood upon me,  I feel even more drawn to establishing a high vibration.  So baby girl can develop inside of it, and then be born into a household and family that practices it.  Strong thoughts, strong life. 

I am not only making birthing decisions, according to the best spirit and intellect I can draw from myself, in moments when I am thinking confidently and with clarity from God.  I am also working so hard to build up a powerful spiritual force and momentum for my calling in motherhood.  I am determined to hone this skill as I lead and teach a little girl.  I want her to know that high, empowering spiritual feeling from the start.

Little baby girl, God has offered us a way to live by a higher conduct, so we will.  And as we do, our thoughts and views and reactions will be higher, like His.  As such, life will be richer and more beautiful for you, and you will have more outreach, be more compassionate, more fair, and more forgiving.  It's how we choose to be our best selves.

You will be shamelessly raised on good vibes, and your entrance into this world will be founded in them too.

Upward and onward,

This looks so much like sleeping Ryan to me, and I love it so so much!

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