Okay, but really now

28 June 2016


Pregnancy....  man, talk about thinnnn skinnnn hormones. 

I have had a couple back-to-back experiences the last little while where approaches from people, about some matter that pertains to me, have made me initially clamp up my jaw in a taken aback reaction and want to tell them something straight.

It's a very exhausting life to try and get every other person to their grave site with a perfectly vindicated and reputable view of me.

I suppose pregnant women are known for being more reactionary.  So, I suppose, I could allow that stereotype to be true.  Just let my hormones and reactions fly.  These situations each certainly made me want to give some people a piece of my mind.

And then I thought of my marriage with Ryan.  We have taken special care to get back on the same side of the fence if we feel like a misunderstanding has caused tenseness.  We care for each other's hearts, making sure we are side by side, before we take care of anything else.  I love him so much for this, and I am in love with what we have. 

So, in honor of the good dealings that I have with Ryan, I decided for a non-crazy-pregnant approach to these other people.  I started by saying a conscious mental thank you to these people, because they are really pushing my good virtues and helping me grow.  I kept repeating until it soothed me - "thank you for being my teacher.  thank you for being my teacher."  And my reactionary side settled as I saw this as a growing opportunity.

Then I sought to see their life circumstances, seeking to understand what they must be experiencing in their personal world that may be causing them to be a lesser version of who they really are.  What is causing them feel frustrated or scared?  And that aroused a love and compassion in me, which opened my clarity and helped me feel a higher energy. 

And then, I confidently and calmly and clearly approached them.

Now, all was well. 

That is loving assertiveness at its finest.

I feel so close to my Savior now.  I think He must have responded so naturally to every person with love.  He was the perfect validater and understander, yet still able to gently lay the truth out straight.  I still have to go through a big prepartory time before I can engage as wonderfully as He did.

Got a ways to go, but I'm trying.

Upward and onward,

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