Weekend at Flaming Gorge

13 June 2016

Ryan and I went to Flaming Gorge with his business partner (Gary) and family.  It was their family reunion, so we're talking kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.  But we were invited because Ryan is considered family since he and Gary do everything together, including run a business.

I was nervous about going because camping has potential to get uncomfortable real fast.  Especially when you're pregnant and sensitive to heat and restricted from a lot of foods because of UTI's and sleeping is an increasing unfortunate experience. 

But, wow.  Ryan went out of his way to really care of me.  

I came home from a midwife appointment and Ryan had bought all the food, necessary gear, and packed everything up, save my own bag of clothes.  I was so impressed with how prepared he was and how comfortable I was the whole trip.  We slept in a super nice tent with cots and thick pads.  And we ate dinner in our loveseat camp chair by flashlight.  It was so much fun!

During the days, Ryan, Gary, and all Gary's brothers would go fishing on the lake.  They had hired a guide, so they were catching extremely huge fish!  

And I thoroughly enjoyed my time back at camp.  I went for walks (the above picture is from one of my walks), did little work-outs, read, wrote in my journal, and hung out with Gary's wife and her daughters and grandkids back at camp.  

One afternoon, I met up with Ryan at the lake, and I spent the day on the boat with them while they fished.  I had such a good time.  Boating makes me stupid happy; I LOVE it!

We didn't take many pictures, but below is a picture of Ryan and the biggest fish he ever caught.  As well as sunsets on the lake.   

I really enjoyed camping with Ryan :)))  Our love and companionship feels so strong.

Upward and onward,

**** really engaging plot line.  Thriller and murder story.  With all the characters being full of bad habits and darkness, it was difficult to trust anyone, which intensified the story. 

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  1. Is that book any good? I just read a little about it the other day!