Weekend at Lake Powell

26 June 2016

Ryan and I went to Lake Powell with Gary and Sandy.  We do a lot together, including monthly plays and frequent trips.  We pair really well together because Gary and Ryan like to do all the same things, as do Sandy and I.

This was my first time to Lake Powell!

On the way down, Ryan and I had a long and incredible discussion about politics and economic systems.  I LOVE talking with this guy.  His knowledge is so endless.  Who needs college when you can just marry a brainiac?  (Kidding; college is good.  As long as you don't feel the government should be paying for it - one of our political discussions).  I felt so enlightened after the conversation.  

We stayed overnight in Cedar City because Gary's truck was acting up (we drove down separately).  We found a nice airBnB unit and watched a movie and ate popcorn.  The next morning, I woke up and worked out in our bedroom.  The windows were open, and I watched a young couple weed their whole garden together in the same duration of time it took me to complete my work-out.  I loved it.

Then we set off to Lake Powell again.  When we arrived it was blistering hot!  We loaded up the boats with our camping gear, launched into the water, and sped through the canyons looking for a good campground.  It was a popular weekend, but we finally found a cove to settle.

We set up camp in the heat of the day (okay everyone else did while my pregnant body rested in the shade - one of the reasons I really like being pregnant).  Then we spent our weekend swimming, kayaking, boating, exploring, fishing, and reading.

It was still really hot at night, so Ryan and I would sleep with our tent windows open to let in the breeze.  It was really awesome to wake up and immediately see the beautiful Lake Powell walls.  One morning I even hiked up one of them.

One evening when were going to bed, the house boat right next to us decided to throw a party at 10 pm.  Ryan and I were saying a prayer when the new Justin Timberlake song was turned on the loudest volume possible.  Ryan continued to pray, but I surreptiously peered around him to see if there was some kind of a dance party.  Ryan stopped praying to see why I was so distracted.  No dance party.  Just a bunch of people wearing glow sticks sliding off their slide.  Probably naked.  I asked Ryan if the music was going to be a problem for him, and he replied that he wasn't ready for sleep yet, but hopefully when he was, they will have turned off their music.  Then one minute later, I heard his breathing get heavy.  Haha!  I stayed up listening to the music, until unrecognizable songs started playing, and then I put in my headphones and fell right asleep.

I had such a good time, and I'm really pleased that this trip is precedent for an annual Lake Powell trip with Gary and Sandy.  It has already been decided :)

Upward and onward,

Ryan preparing his boat in our beautiful jungle wonderland.  Also our front yard.

Our camp:
Ryan and I went kayaking around one of the lake's coves.  Got some good alone time :)) 

Then Gary and Sandy took a turn.

I LOVE this picture.  This was when the guys were fishing in little coves, and I was jumping in and out of the water.

Our camp at dinnertime.

** I am always really interested in black segregation and civil rights story's.  But this one was pretty uneventful.  Good for some light trip reading but not one I'd recommend or ever read again.
*** Pretty fascinating story of a girl joining the Civil War to be with her new husband.  I really enjoyed it!

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