A house continually becoming our Home

10 July 2016

When Ryan and I first moved into our house, you could have picked any color in the rainbow and we could take you to a room in the house of that color. It was a real life Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. We've been working so hard on remodels and painting. Ryan and I each took ownership over some projects.

And I'm here to announce, the last two weeks of July, I completed the upstairs! I'm talking painting the ceiling, the walls, the trim, spackling, sanding, everything! It was a lot of work and feels so good to be done! Even baby's nursery is finished! πŸ‘ΆπŸ» I'm super super proud of myself over all the dang work that painting a house takes! (I'm certain that there was one Saturday I cried more than I spackled. Ha!). But now we have a beautiful, peaceful-hued house!! 🏑  Here is just one of the rooms:

Meanwhile, Ryan was working on his own project....

Ryan and I have been planning to build a kitchen in our basement since we currently operate it as a rental unit. Then, Ryan decided to build the kitchen unit himself and did so in TWO WEEKS!! I was blown away!! πŸ’ͺ🏼 Demolition, plumbing, electrical, painting, cabinetry, flooring. Oh man. This guy is so impressive to me! We love our kitchen and wish we could live in our basement!! Haha! Though now appliances have been delivered, and we have a cute little family down there, and they love it. I'm so proud of Ryan! I love him so much!

Ryan was working so hard on the kitchen. I desperately wanted him to have reprieve.  To have some rest. I looked forward to the close of the project just so he could have time for relaxation and pleasure. He's such an incredible person.

For a more detailed depiction of all his hard work, follow the remodel story below (with just images):


Needless to say, it was a BUSY two weeks with a lot of late nights.  We are fatigued but super satisfied and feeling even more in love.  Being married to someone you find so impressive and respectful makes the rest of the relationship just take care of itself.  I am so proud of him, and he is of me.  We love our house!!

Now for some sleep :)

Upward and onward,


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