More of the good and bigger shields

17 July 2016


I know the influences of Satan are intensifying.  I am a witness to that in the world.  Though I find strength in knowing that an increase of good energy precedes the increase in bad energy.  That bad is only increasing because the good already has.  That Satan is the trailing follower to God's lifting efforts.  Not God trying to catch up to Satan's destroying efforts.  I absolutely believe that.  God is at the helm.

On a personal level, I must increase the good in my life - what can I do to add more protection, more shields, more barriers?  I know the cracks Satan gets through with me, and lately I have felt emotionally weaker (see prior post); I do believe Satan knows my vulnerabilities and weak joints better than I do.  I am feeling really inspired to layer my life with more good energy - not good in the sense that I am ceasing sin to live with virtue, but good in the sense that I am substituting spiritually idle things with things of more pure, sustaining value.  Better for even better. 

Which is why the lesson today on family history work really struck me.  It really got me motivated.  I can't say I have been drawn to family history work... ever.  As a matter of fact, I told Ryan that my efforts at indexing left me thinking I would benefit the system more if I actually did not participate.

But the testimonies and stories the teacher told about added strength for her, directly due to the family history work she was doing, was incredibly powerful to me.  She bore testimony and witness that some of the family members she has done temple work have connected with her, reaching out to her across the veil, and she knows they have added themselves to the count of angels guiding her life because she can feel more of the blessings she prayers for.  I knew what she was saying was true.

And I feel such a strong, strong, strong desire to devote my efforts to the increase of this Christlike energy in my life.  That is my main responsibility as a mother.  And even as just an individual in the discipleship of Christ.  I. need. more. strength.  That's all there is to it.

Or maybe I just need less pregnancy hormones.

Either way, I am yielding up some of my time of lower value for time towards family history work.

Expanding my shields.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Fun!! Tell me how it goes.

    Also, when Satan starts to discourage you, remind him that you have a body and he doesn't.