Bamboo Shoots and Love

25 August 2016

I read this quote today from Meg and immediately thought of when I first met Ryan:

Have we ever talked about Chinese bamboo farmers? That bamboo takes seven years, give or take, to start growing above ground? Chinese bamboo farmers water their bamboo every day for seven years - seven! - with no question that it will, eventually, shoot up towards the sky. The farmers, they dutifully water and nourish their bamboo, nothing seemingly changing, and then bam: it pokes through the ground with such force you can hear it creaking as it grows. It strikes me that we've both been watering our bamboo with the kind of faith and dedication of a Chinese farmer, and Meg: it's paying off. We'll see shoots, sure enough, and then we won't quite believe how gloriously and tall and wonder pushy it grows.

Ryan was my bamboo shoot that sprouted after years and years of being on the tumble dry setting in a dating sphere.  I appreciated my time in that place, mostly.  But boy, do I remember moments of peeling the words of my heart up to God.  A slow, extremely concentrated, carefully said so I could get one maximum pull, earnest beyond earnest plea to Heavenly Father to sprout the dang bamboo shoot.  And then Ryan came.  And after just a few moments together, I knew he was someone I wanted to exclusively invest myself in.  He was the greatest mystery man, and I was beyond intrigued.  I remember feeling so awakened by him that my energy was limitless.  I would pop out of bed before the sun every single day in those first couple months, and I would sprint around the mountains by my house, thinking about him, being so so excited about him!  After just a few months, I knew I could marry him.  Of course I didn't express that out loud, because I needed some proper time and exposure to him in a variety of settings.  But my heart and soul just knew it.  

Ryan received a new calling - First Counselor in the Young Men's Presidency.  The bishopric wanted him in that calling so badly, but they didn't want to disrupt our new growing family or anything.  But God wants people where He needs them, and He'll make it work.  So Ryan was called and given so many new roles on the first day.  That is a calling that is very layered.  

So last night was Ryan's first mutual activity.  Since it was a combined YW/YM evening, I tagged along.  At the end of the night, one of the young woman that we also teach in our Sunday School class came and sat next to me.  She said that she really admired mine and Ryan's relationship, that she had been watching us that night.  I told her that someday would be her time, and she is going to love it!  I see a lot of myself in this girl.  It made me feel really happy.  

Upward and onward,


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  1. What a great analogy! You were my bamboo shoot also! I love hearing about how I was your mystery man and you were so excited you would wake up with tons of energy. It was the exact same way for me!