Gold Medal Moments of the Week

19 August 2016

Monday:  Ryan and I closed on our Home Equity Line of Credit, an application and decision process that I've been working on the last month.  I'm excited about the financial plan we are doing!  We met at our new bank to sign, and it felt good.  I love moments where I feel really tuned into my intellectual side. 

Tuesday:  Went to a meet-up in Provo.  Janece did a guided meditation, and I was in a total trance.  It was powerful and greatly rejuvenating.  I drove home feeling very awakened.

Wednesday:  Anniversary celebration with Ryan.  This deserves its own post (see prior post).

Thursday:  I purchased a rocker/bouncer for Baby Girl.  It looks beyond perfect in our home, not realizing at purchase how much it would match our flow of hues.  It makes the coming of Baby Girl feel so real.  She is going to lay and coo in that chair!  Ryan and I love it!  He thought it was an excellent find.  I stared at it in admiration and joy all evening.

Friday:  I briefly caught up with my former boss over the phone.  He expressed that he wants to stay in touch because he still wants for me to come back and work for him.  He said the clients love me.  I was eating it all up.  That sure feels good to hear.

Upward and onward,

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