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10 August 2016

Monday:  For Family Home Evening, we read a talk by Sheri Dew about being willing to ask questions and engage in the Gospel (Are You Willing to Engage in the Wrestle?").  We read aloud together on our bed.  I loved reading with Ryan, and I loved the Spirit we felt.  We had a great discussion afterwards about our spiritual inquisition.

Tuesday:  Tonight, Ryan put his head on my stomach for the first time and listened for Baby Girl.  It was so tender to look down and see his head resting on me.  I love every bit of him.  He plays with baby girl by prodding her through my stomach.  I love feeling her play back with him.  She is going to be his buddy; I just know it. 

Wednesday:  One of the bedrooms in our basement had some flooding.  Ryan had to come home early from work to heed to the mess.  I also had my most stressful client contact me for this never-ending tax audit.  Mood deflator.  Ryan and I have had so much good fortune and positive energy lately.  I had forgotten about misfortune and boggish days.  So it was okay that today was a bit more hard-pressed.  Ebb and flow is necessary.  

Thursday:  Little dose of anxiety this morning.  The things on my plate are like pea-sized, but anxiety makes them feel so looming.  Well, I seek to live in acceptance - days like this will come.  Like a rain cloud that isn't really threatening.  So, I got out of bed to begin my Miracle Morning practices, and I just attuned with greater mindfulness.  In that way, my anxiety becomes a gift for me to see and feel more of the small moments in an effort to not feel all the pressure.

Upward and onward,

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