Moments with Ryan on our Trip to Orlando

06 August 2016

Ryan and I went to Orlando, Florida this week for his annual work convention.  It was incredible!  We had such a good time!  He had classes all day, while I worked from the hotel room / poolside on all my clients.  Can anything be more dreamlike?  Then in the evenings, we'd go out with Ryan's sales team for food and activities.  So much fun!  Below I recorded moments about Ryan from each day of the week.  My love for him is overflowing.


Last night, we stayed up late talking in our hotel room.  Talking really deeply about life.  For hours we lay next to each other, both feeling so connected and engaged in each others inner lives.  We laugh, we kiss, we are happy.  I feel so bonded and so content.  I love that he is so open and receiving to everything in my mind, everything I think about and experience.  He always shows such interest and care for what I say.

I sit at the vanity table of the hotel and listen to Ryan get some work done before we head out for breakfast.  He leads his employees with such authority but clear purpose and vision.  I admire the way he can organize his sales force and come up with new strategies all the time.  A respectful and open company culture is really important to him, and I love that so much.  He is the truest leader I've ever witnessed.  If I didn't have this opportunity to be his wife, I would instead pray to be his employee.

I join Ryan after his classes are over.  Apparently he made some comments in one of the classes that caught a lot of people's attention.  He pointed out something that had been overlooked by corporate that could be really benefiting all of the other franchises.  For the rest of the night, Ryan was the genius business owner that everyone wanted to speak with.  "Ryan," his name was continuously whispered through the crowds, as everyone wanted to speak with him.  A lady caught me in the bathroom and pegged me as his wife.  "He's so smart," she tells me.  A man catches me on the way back from the bathroom to talk about Ryan.  Another catches me before I reach our table to talk with me about Ryan.  This occurs all night long, as Ryan is the most popular attendee at this conference.  Everyone instantly knows who I am, because they all know who he is.  And I feel iconic as well, and also because my pregnant belly brings me lots of attention.  I am luxuriating in being the adored pregnant wife to the brilliant Ryan.  Later, Ryan tells me that the franchise owner who is the top dog of all the owners came over to shake Ryan's hand and congratulate him on his smarts and success, and Ryan says how proud that made him feel.  I am beaming for him.  He deserves that.

We are tucked in bed.  A good, satisfying day for each of us.  We have read our scriptures, said our prayers, relaxed, and dozed off into sleep.  Then Ryan's sister calls - it's 1 am.  The hotel staff did not follow Ryan's instructions from the prior day to use his card on file to pay for the hotel rooms of all his sales staff that were flying in late this evening.  They are all at the front desk.  Ryan speaks with the hotel staff, wondering why his card on file cannot just be charged, why must he be present.  But he gets up out of bed, lifting his body from a deep sleep, and gets dressed with no mark of impatience.  I say softly that I'm sorry he has to go deal with this now.  He says it's no problem and he's cool as a cucumber.  He takes care of the situation with no frustration or anything.  Just takes it as it comes and never lets it bother him.  I really love that about him.

We dance together in the light of the club with all our friends.  I love being so close with him, moving to the music with him.  He twirls me and we laugh.  We are always holding hands and staying close no matter where we go.  Our energy together is so fluid and effortless.

Ryan takes all his employees and wives out to a nice restaurant after classes end.  The food impresses everyone, and everyone laughs over moments during the week.  Afterwards, our whole group walks to Dave and Buster's and enjoys an evening of arcade games, pooling all of our tickets to buy some desserts, which we eat back in the lobby of the hotel and laugh late into the night.  Ryan and I are attached at the hip the whole night.  Ryan is so easygoing, and I enjoy being around him so much.

We walk to a local bowling alley.  It's so hot and humid outside.  My pregnant body heats up more and more, and my pace slows down from the rest of the group.  Ryan stays by my side, keeping hold of my hand and holding up my hair off my neck.  We sit close together in the bowling alley.  Ryan insists that I take a comfortable chair and makes sure I get some cold water immediately.  He takes good care of me.  The other guys on his sales team take turns holding their babies so their wives can bowl.  I can't wait to see Ryan hold our baby.  I cannot imagine a more handsome and loving father. 

We go for a helicopter ride together.  Something neither of us have ever done.  The helicopter takes off, and it's so exhilarating and stimulating!  I immediately reach back and squeeze Ryan's calf.   I hold on tight as the helicopter takes sharp turns and swoops.  Ryan puts both of his hands on my shoulders, because he knows I'm a little nervous.  We are connected as we ride over the city of Orlando, seeing the whales at sea world, the roller coasters.  When we land, we are both giddy with excitement over such a thrilling experience.  We squeeze hands so tightly as we walk back to the hotel, sharing in the newness of that event together.  I feel so bonded and close with him.

How is Ryan so unlike anyone I've known.  His specific qualities - sharp intelligence, calm demeanor, gentle and loyal love - are so developed and strong.  When other people only have a mild reach in one of these qualities, but he is so extensive in all of them.  He's incredible.  I love him.  I am more blessed to be with him than I ever understood the day I married him. 

Upward and onward,

We arrive at the Orlando airport.

An interesting image in one of the restaurants.... Haha!

Dancing after dinner!
 Helicopter ride! 
 Walking home from the helicopter ride, stopping to take a snapshot of an interesting building.
Ryan and his team.


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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful words! I feel like you are too kind. Something for me to live up to :) That really was the most incredible week. "Coupon U" (our annual convention) is starting to hold a special place in my heart since I have such great memories of you attached to each of them. My first Coupon U (two years ago) I had just barely developed a huge crush for you and I was in the process of reading your entire blog haha! Coupon U last year was a week before our wedding and I was missing you and anticipating our marriage! This year you got to come with me with our baby in your tummy! Such a good time!

  2. And the cute giraffes at the end!!