Oregon Coast and Grace

13 August 2016

Ryan and I are at the Oregon Coast for the latter end of this week, staying at my uncle's beach house with my family.

It is such a beautiful setting.  Something magical always exists in coastal towns.  Also, bunnies everywhere.  Ryan and I count them as we drive to the beach house.

My favorite moment by far - aside from Cami's open-mouth kisses, and cooking gourmet meals with Ryan in the huge kitchen, and doing Insanity work-outs with my siblings in the basement - is when Ryan and I went for a morning walk on the beach Saturday morning.  The walk was beautiful and misty, and we walked down to a path around the rock cliffs, right against the crashing waves.  Because the tide was coming in, some of the waves were crashing forcefully into the rocks at our feet and crashing over our small path.  We had to wait for the tidal wave to flood our route and then dash before the next one hit.  It was a rush.

The thing about the walk wasn't just the setting; it was our conversation.

Our conversation evolved into one that I wanted so badly to lock every word in memory in memory.  The waves crashing, the misty air, the rising sun, and Ryan begins sharing his thoughts on loving without judgment.  The conversation was stimulated by me sharing some sharp sensitivities I've had lately towards effort unreceived by some people around me.  Ryan shared his thoughts on how everyone is really desiring more connection at the core.  And then his thoughts evolved to our abilities to love without judgment.  And he is so grateful that is something that comes naturally for both he and I.  I shared with him that actually what his friends told me about him when I was first getting to him was that he is known for loving everyone without judgment.  Ryan then quoted in the scriptures how it says we will be judged by how we judge.  And if it is easy to see how people are doing the best they can in their circumstances, then God will be able to see us in much the same way.  When we easily offer grace, it is easy for God to offer us grace.  I love thinking about the grace of God.

Grace and the ocean.

Upward and onward,


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