Rescuing the Lost Lamb

20 August 2016

This image has so much meaning to me.  It is my depiction of personal rescuing from my Savior.  And now, the background of my phone.

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I came across this picture when I was sitting in Relief Society, reading Daughters in my Kingdom before the meeting started.  (I love connecting with that book before Relief Society.  It grounds me to the nobility of womanhood).

This particular Sunday was in the middle of tax season.  Oh, and also, the middle of my first trimester in pregnancy.  Which meeeeans - extreme work load and all my B vitamins being used up for baby.  And what do you get with Cortisol minus B Vitamins??   ... unruly trepidation!

Seriously though.  Anxiety up the wall.  Panic about everything.  Illogical surges of fearful energy coursing my veins.

It's so much fun.  I love it so much.    ...     ...     ...

Anyway, I was reading my book and turned the page to this image.  It was beautifully framed on the page, and it instantly spoke to me.  I saw my normal mind reflected in the purity of all the white sheep, but my moments of battling with anxiety as the little black sheep.  The one sheep in Christ's arms.  He is tending her, caring for her, rescuing her, and nursing her back to health.  He is holding me.

He holds us in weakness.  He is willing to be our crutch and stronghold, until we resume our strength.  Or for me in this particular case - He holds me until I regain clarity and resilience of mind.  And then He places me back down to walk more independently.

But in every moment I need His assistance, He will be there for me.

So comforting.

I gather endless peace from meditating with this photo.  I'm currently looking for a print to hang in our bedroom, so I can see it first thing when I wake up.

Upward and onward,

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  1. I have always liked this picture, but as I read about your thoughts regarding this picture it took on a much more powerful meaning. I will never look at this picture the same. Thanks for sharing.