The Ultimate Respector

02 August 2016

Last night we had some friends over for a little BBQ.  At one point, someone brought up a man that most of us know.  Our guest wasn't super fond of this person and shared some reasons why.  I just passively listened, but Ryan took no shyness or hesitation in stepping up to the plate for the man.  And he did it in such a gentle and kind way, but he was bold.

I remember when Ryan and I first started dating, and one of our mutual friends came up to me and unsolicitedly told me about this quality in Ryan.  This friend said that Ryan always stood up for people whenever anyone's name came up adversely, no matter how intimate his acquaintance with that person.  Ryan just naturally sees the best in all people.  I've never known him to speak ill of anyone.

So on this night, watching Ryan sit on our couch and comfortably speak to a room full of people inside this absent man's corner was so humbling and touching to me.  I nearly cried. 

I LOVE this quality in Ryan.  Respect is huge to me.  Huge, huge, huge.  I really really dislike feeling disrespected or seeing people disrespect others.  And Ryan is such a respector of all persons.  There are so many reasons that I adore him and admire him so much, but this one gets me to the bone.  I truly believe that Ryan is one of the most high-quality and best people I've ever known, and this is a true mark as to why.  His character is rock solid.  Every friend of his should feel insanely lucky to have such a loyal companion like him.  His employees, his family, myself.  We are all so lucky to have a man who will actively respect us no matter where or how our name comes up.

Upward and onward,


After I gave Ryan a fresh hair cut.  I swoon over him every. single. time. we trim his hair.  I think he is soooo handsome.

Ryan took me and some friends boating last week.  He is so good at wake surfing!  I love watching him.

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