Birth and Angels

02 September 2016

I sat in the nursery and did a birthing meditation today.  It was a very powerful one.  They aren't all like that.  I often fall asleep - which I am still happy about because that means I have relaxed so much that I've dozed off.  And other times, I know that the reframing concepts are still coming into me.  Like how birth is comfortable and pleasing and a good experience.  I really do believe these things.  Whereas at the start, there was definitely fear present.

Anyway, in this meditation, I relaxed my entire body and then the meditation moved to discussing the birthing experience in a really calming way.  She talked about the "pressure waves" and how they will be enjoyable, and I will smile after the first several, because I will know that this means my baby is going to come to me soon.

In this dialogue, I felt a really ethereal sensation touching or pressing on my stomach.  The thought came to me that it could be hands of angels or spirits who are helping to support while I deliver this baby.  That got me thinking about how this birth of Baby Girl will surely be present with spiritual beings, and I should take advantage of calling on them for support and love while I am in labor.

Then I found this picture that really brought these thoughts to life.  When I am in labor, I truly believe that Ryan and I will be surrounded by angels.  Their hands will be resting on my shoulders and guiding the "pressure waves" of my stomach.  So powerful!

Upward and onward,

If anyone knows the source of this photo, let me know :)

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