Book Review - Bonds That Make Us Free

30 September 2016

I read this entire book in one sitting.  I was partly in a really-reading mood, and partly because we were getting a security system installed on our house, and so I had to remain centrally-located so the installer could ask me questions if needed.  Sitting in my comfy front room chair for 3 hours and reading worked out perfectly.

Ultimately, a good book.  I really admire C. Terry Warner and James Ferrell, because I like their endeavors to raise human consciousness in regards to relationships and dealing with others in all settings.  This book mirrors concepts to their other books:  Leadership & Self-Deception, Anatomy of Peace, The Peacegiver.

And now, my favorite quotes from the book:


The kind of people we are cannot be separated from the world around us.

To the extent that others are not real to us, we are guarded, alienated, and hardened... We get wrapped up in ourselves, worried about gathering evidence of our worth.

I-You and I-Thou, signifying how we are when we regard others as having their own inward lives and when we respect their hopes and needs as we do our own.

"Do you love yourself in the theater or the theater in yourself?"  In other words, "Do I love what I am doing, or do I love myself in doing it?"

>> I added this thought to my "Motherhood Journal."  Because I may not always love the tasks of what I am doing in motherhood, but I can love myself in doing it.  That self-love will cultivate better habits, better outlooks, better quiet time for myself, etc.

"Every force," says the Tao te Ching, "calls a counter-force."  But love is a power unmitigated.  It allows others their freedom.  Most ironically, it "compels" them to use that freedom.  They must respond one way or the other to our love.  If they yield, they do what love has invited them to do, which is to love us in return.  If they resist, they refuse that invitation and find a way to think of us as their enemy.

The teacher takes care never to give advice.  Why?  Because some individuals resent having others take over their judgment and tell them how to direct their lives, even if the advice givers are billed as experts.

                   >> HA!  So me!  This quote is SO me.

Can we trust our feelings?  The answer is:  It depends on what kind of feelings they are.  If they are feelings that come when we are yielding to the truth, we can trust them; if not, they will lead us astray.

Upward and onward,

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