Book Review | Bringing Up Bebe

04 September 2016

This book was all about the French way of parenting.  It was a fascinating read (or listen, since I took Audible with this one)

These are a couple principles I really liked:

(1) Rather than teaching them to say "Thank you" and "Please," teach them to say "Hello."  Takes them from a subservient, inferior role to a confident and equal standing role.  Subconsciously tells their before to be more disciplined.

(2) When a child is misbehaving, don't just say "No."  Say "You do not have a right to do that." - tells them that their is a code of conduct, and they have some rights and they don't have others - they are given freedom to act within the rights.  Or  "I do not agree" - shows that the child has a distinct brain that you are recognizing, and you have a distinct mind that they can also consider.

Upward and onward,

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