Guardian Angels & Family History

23 September 2016


A woman in my ward came over this morning to teach me about family history work.  We navigated through the Family Search website and pretty quickly, we were able to find some ordinances that needed to be performed for people.  One being a sealing between a couple.  She explained to me that this couple is literally separated until there sealing is complete, and we remarked how sad that is.

As we worked, we talked and shared stories.  She shared several stories of feeling the ancestors in their ordinances and being so happy you did the work for them!  She shared messages of apostles that have said that when you do temple work for someone, they link themselves to you and they become like a guardian angel.  She said that she prayers for the presence of angels often around her, her kids, and even their property line.  She says that Satan does not respect our agency, and he'll haunt us as he pleases, but Heavenly Father does respect our agency so He has this army or angels in line to help us, but we have to request them in order to receive them. 

She talked about praying for ancestors with specific skills that can come assist her - her example being organization in house work.  She said when she prayed for an ancestor to be her buddy that day who was skilled in housework, she really noticed her thoughts expand to how she could better clean and maximize her time.  I thought that was so cool! 

That made me think for angels I could pray for with gifts to specifically help me!  Like angels with very relaxed demeanors who can handle stress with ease, or angels who love to cook and will keep me motivated and happy in the kitchen, etc. 

I love these thoughts because I am sure these ancestors spent their lifetimes developing skills and character traits that they would be HONORED to share.  I would feel honored if I were deceased and someone requested divine help with their finances or organization or compassion.  I would love to rush in and teach them.  But I would always wait for a request.  It reminds me of the talk by Uchtdorf that we live under our privileges.  We have so many angel guides at our fingertips to assist us where we need it!  I would love to use these resources more!  And I love pairing that with the knowledge that the traits and skills I am really good at will one day be summoned - that is such a cool feeling!

We worked and talked for an hour and a half, and the Spirit just kept getting stronger and stronger.  We remarked that this is temple work, so when I am tied up at home with a newborn, I can still have temple access by doing family history work, and finding names and uncompleted ordinances to pass along to other people.  We talked about how keeping our efforts involved in good forces like this will keep us protected and guided.  It's so easy to get sucked into menial online sites or other trite tasks, but I can already tell that family history work is going to leave me feeling very replenished and rich.

Upward and onward,

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  1. Wow! I hadn't ever thought about praying for those angels, especially so specifically! Have you tried it?