In our respective forests

02 September 2016

It's nearly 10 at night, and I believe it has been about five hours I've been sitting on my bed with just the lamplight beside me, working on a project.  When I get working on something, really working, my focus is insane.  Of course, frequent bathroom breaks because I have a little human head sharing space with my bladder - it's wonderful.  And also, small breaks for Emergen-C and tea.  I'm under the  spell of a random head cold.  I never get sick.  But then again, pregnancy is a time for a lot of never things, because your body is a vessel in a great calling.  And that takes loads of work!

So the project I've been working on.... writing out all the details of the Ryan and Chantel story.  How we came to be.  From start - all the fun jitters and energetic intrigue - to courtship to marriage to now, baby!  The energy shifts in each realm, and I love it.  I love the progression, the deepening, the expansion, the intensity of love.  I love Ryan so insanely much that I think I would sicken people if I showed them my journal.

It is hunting season, so he has been away the last couple weekends.  And I love this season!  I love it because this is his passion, and what matters to him, matters to me.  And I love it for me, because I get to step out of every role so completely and just be free in my mind.  This season is when I write.

And what have I also been doing while I've been writing all these hours, listening to all podcasts I can find with Glennon Melton Doyle.  I feel connected to her in a really great way.  And in one podcast, a  speaker talked about how important it is to go into a forest, or other nature equivalent that's right for you, and see how your truth comes out without the pounding and implanting of society.  What is in you?  Who are you?  And Glennon says that is writing for her - writing is her forest.  Yeah!  Writing is my forest too!  And she says, "Life is a tunnel and we writers call our truth out loud and then we get really quiet and wait and listen. The waiting is a little scary, but then the echo comes. Our tribe calls back… I hear you. Me too. Me too."  That is permeating to me.

Looks like Ryan is in his forest this weekend, and I am in mine.  :)

Upward and onward,

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