My Motherhood Book of Mormon Challenge

25 September 2016

Since I have just finished the Book of Mormon, I decided to read the entire book again in the next 5.5 weeks before Baby Girl is born.  I wrote down several blessings and revelations I would like as I read.  One being to have a relaxed and fast labor, with all my preparations coming forward to serve me.

Then, a speaker in Sacrament Meeting today shared about his experience accepting a challenge by a man in the Quorum of the 70 to read the Book of Mormon 3 times in 3 months.  That is about 17 pages a day for three months!  Wow.  This man shared that those were a distinctively happier three months.  He could think more clearly and felt the power of the Spirit a lot more.  I felt the Spirit really powerfully inside of me and highlighting truth in my own mind.  I completely share this man's faith that reading the Book of Mormon opens the doors wider for blessings.  I want to live up to my privileges in this Gospel more.  Continue trading good for better and best.  I know I'm under-living and under-requesting and under-aware of privileges in Jesus Christ's Gospel.  How many days of life or transitory periods pass by where I could have received greater divine assistance and wisdom had I only offered my efforts and asked for specific blessings? 

So, while this man continued to speak, I made a choice to step up into my privileges.  I offer more faith and effort to Heavenly Father, and I will receive more bonuses that I specifically need.  I thought of how I could self-challenge myself to get more involved with the Book of Mormon when I foresee difficult or transitory times coming.  Like a pre-emptive way to strengthen my foundation, instead of scrambling for added strength during or after.

I thought of my challenge to read the whole Book of Mormon in the next month and a half.  And then I extended another challenge to myself to read the whole Book of Mormon again, right after Baby Girl is born, in the couple months of newborn sleepless transition.

So I pulled out my paper of desired blessings again, and I wrote down some blessings that I would like to receive in my second reading of the Book of Mormon, when I have a babe in my arms.  It seems pretty understandable that one of my top requests from Heavenly Father is that in the interim times I have for rest that my sleep will be deep, relaxed, and maximized in the REM cycle, ha!

I look forward to pulling out my list in the future and seeing how much I was aided in these next couple of months.

Upward and onward,

Also, these pictures of "Ryan" and "Charlotte."   Loving.

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  1. That's quite the challenge! At first my thought about the second part of the challenge was "that's ridiculous, you have no idea how little time you'll actually have." Then my second thought was "God will provide a way--- He always provides a way for us to do what is right." So, go you!!! God will grant you the ability to complete both of these challenges and you will be blessed for doing so!