Special Visualization of Birth

15 September 2016

Thank you for all your awesome comments on my last post!  Love you guys!

I have so much love for pregnancy and this whole process of creating and bringing a baby.  I think it is soooo incredible, and I have really, really loved being pregnant.  In the last five months, I have been doing daily preparations for birth through meditation, visualizations, affirmations, touch and word anchoring, etc.  Below is a recent visualization that I imagined and experienced with my body, and I decided to type it up.  It's like my own piece of artwork - unconventional, personal, fully self-created.  The setting and time is my home/birth center and the beginning of my active labor.

I love doing energy work on myself like this because there is such a palpable body-mind disconnect.  Normally, a person experiences life through one awareness, but in meditation, I can separate my awareness elements.  My body awareness can be having one experience, and my mind awareness can be having another.  In the below example, my mind awareness remains with my upper body, and my body awareness is having a separate experience in my lower body.


I begin with deep breathing and imagery to fully relax myself into my meditation zone.  Then, I relax into my body, letting my body completely submerge into the couch or bed.

Once my body is heavy and limp, I bring my awareness to the high spiritual energy in the room.  Light and divine energy is filling the room, and I am the epicenter.  Bright light is surrounding me, and I am glowing.

I bring awareness to the top of my head, and I open myself to allow in the light of all the spirits of women who have come to assist me in birth.  I can feel their light entering me, soaking my upper body in warm, radiant love.  This love continues to spread and pulse and encase my upper body.  I focus on it, while the light energy seals off my upper body, just below my breasts, in a strong chord of anesthesia.  Everything below that point falls numb, and I am left only to the awareness of my upper body and back.  I can feel my steady beating heart, Ryan's hands touching me, the complete ease in my mind, and the continuing love and light that swarms around me.

The angels work on the rest of my body to bring Baby Girl into the world.  They knead the three layers of my uterine muscles, getting each layer of muscle structure to knead into the next one, and the next one, ultimately causing a strong wave of pressure to surge through my belly, pressing energy into my cervix to expand it.  The angels assist my body in widening the cervix, thinning the skin, expanding the room.  I can imagine this process happening, though I feel nothing, as my awareness of feeling remains only in my upper body.

The angels begin the process again, gently kneading my uterine muscles, urging them into a synchronization that causes another deep wave of pressure.  The pressure is directed towards my cervix, expanding, widening, thinning.  These waves continue, like the waves of an ocean.  Building up, growing strong, and then breaking and releasing into my cervix to create more space for Baby Girl.  Waves building up, building up, building up, and then breaking and quickly rushing down into my cervix to cause effective and steady expansion and effacing.  The waves are controlled, and I trust them.  I am a firm lighthouse in the center of the oceanic movement.  Lighthouses can withstand even the most forceful and gigantic waves.  I remain in my upper body in light, love, and human touch.  Firm.  Relaxed.  Solid.

All this work is done in pure love for Baby Girl and myself, and I can feel all this love being emitted as the angels work in tandem with my body.

My cervix is now wide enough for Baby Girl.  I feel immense appreciation that the process of dilation is complete, and now Baby Girl is on her way.  Some angels stay with my cervix to keep the placement strong, and always go up to get Baby Girl and guide her down.  My body is ready to bring her through delivery.  My lower body can strongly feel the weight of her descent.  I think of Joan of Arc, knowing she held no fear, only courage, because she was born for her duty.  I was born for this moment.  I feel tremendously strong.  My body begins glowing even brighter.  The essence of my strength is so powerful and strong that it feels up the room, and everyone in attendance is drawn back in awe and silent praise.  My eyes are closed, and I am one with the experience of my body.

Together, my body, myself and Ryan, the angels, and the midwives guide Baby Girl down and into the world.

She is here.

Upward and onward,

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