The Light Within All of Us

05 September 2016


Since my Trauma Conversion Therapy, see yesterday's post, I have thought about my past and the character(s) in it that caused me so much hurt, and I stand on a completely different vantage point.

I stand in love, a lot of love.

A great deal of this is attributed to one of my favorite books, A Light in the Wilderness (see here and here).  This book really captures our essence as spiritual beings.  I absolutely believe and feel that we are sources of eminent light.  Every one of us is an incredible creature that is spanned to such heights!  But when we come to Earth, we must enter into these "suits," so to speak.  An operating system for our souls made up of our connected body and minds.  These are carnal, and they surround and squander our souls of massive light.  And each of our mortal casings is malfunctioning in different places, some in the body, some in the mind, some broken in such large way.  And we have to continue living as best we can, despite these breakdown and bugs that we may or may not be able to understand, may or may not be able to control, may or may not even be aware of.

We just clank around in these suits we don't understand, not even realizing how little we comprehend of our diminished light and how much we are controlled by this temporal operating system.  But we must all eventually come to acceptance that our suit is acting up and glitching and breaking down.  And others' suits are acting up and glitching and breaking down.  And when you can accept how all our souls are locked in such an inferior state, we can better look past the suit altogether and just see the Lit Soul of every person.  The world makes sense differently.  People make sense differently.  Our own self makes sense differently.

And it makes sense from an extremely merciful place.

So, I look at The Unnamed, and attributing characters, and I can see his Lit Soul.  I feel complete mercy over the malfunctioning suit that he resides in while on this Earth.  And I can see my malfunctioning suit so clearly as well, and I remind myself to laugh, look past our shifty operating systems, and just see the goodness of our souls.  Haha, your faulty suit is giving you quite the time, isn't it?  Mine too.  Sorry you couldn't understand mine, nor I yours.  

In my journey of forgiveness, this vantage point feels like the ultimate one to me.  It is full of love and understanding.

Upward and onward,

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