A Day in the Life with Little Buddy

22 November 2016

Good morning, Charlotte!  Looks like your cute little hands broke free last night, haha!  So cute!  
(But seriously, any time Charlotte moves or doesn't move or changes clothes or poops her diaper, I need a picture of it).

Last night was a great night of quick feedings and back to sleep.  You woke up twice and let mama sleep until 10.  She feels so rested and has until 10:30 to go to the bathroom and do every possible normal morning item before you wake up.  

Once you're awake, you cluster feed and snuggle for a few hours, while mama works with one hand and sings little songs for you.  (I need to take a self-study on baby lullabies because I'm quickly running dry on material). Around 2, you finally doze off for another nap, and mama blazes through some more work before it's time for your pediatrician appointment.

You and mama sit in the pediatrician's office, waiting for him to come do the heel prick - PKU testing.  Mom hates seeing you cry from pain.  Mama can distinguish your needs from your type of cry, but that is a cry that breaks her heart.

The pediatrician says repeatedly what a perfectly healthy baby you are.  Go Charlotte.  You weigh 8 lbs and 15 oz. at this 2 week appointment.  You are already so strong!  Your chiropractor says you're a gymnast in the making!

Afterwards, mama takes you grocery shopping.  This is perhaps the most enjoyable grocery trip she's ever had because you are so precious to look at.  Mama shops slow and just enjoys her time with you.  You sleep the whole time because you have been awake most of the day.

 Mama takes you home and you are ready for dinner.  Mama has to jump in a call with a tax client in California and nurses you while she talks.  You let out tiny little farts the whole time, and mom giggles into her hand.  You curl up into mom after you are full just like a little kitten.  These are some of her favorite moments of the day.  She calls you her kitty cat and basically pets you, while telling you what a special little girl you are.

Then right at the end of the call, you tuck your face underneath mama's arm and throw up.  It's wonderfully-timed.

 Right then, daddy walks through the front door!  He immediately comes to find you and sweeps you into his arms.  Mama catches his face on camera as he picks you up for the first time today.  He loves you so so much!  Mama nearly cries from the sight of you two.

Daddy swaddles you in his jacket.  He carries you around tucked deep inside, bringing you around the bed so mom can peer into his jacket and see your little eyes looking all around.  Mom and dad laugh and laugh.  They laugh because you are just so cute!

We all enjoy some dinner and snuggles.  You doze off again, and dad goes outside to work on the yard, while mama does a little post-natal workout and catches up on your scrapbook. 

Then, Little Buddy, you beat us to bed.  

We love you so much, and no matter what you do, it's the cutest thing in the world.  We can't stop staring at you and taking pictures of you.  Being parents to you is so fun!  We feel so blessed, and this is such a happy time.

Upward and onward,

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