2016 in the Rearview

28 December 2016

Well, we are now in the rearview of 2016!  It has been a great year for us, full of so many adventures and blessings!  Here we begin the year as two.  This picture was taken before we each left for work one morning, right at the beginning of 2016.

We moved into our house just before Christmas one year ago, and we spent the first part of the year remodeling, sanding, painting, and decorating.  We also vamped up our basement to use entirely as a rental.  Later, Ryan built a full kitchen down there in 2 weeks! 

And then tax season starts!  And, we find out we are.... pregnant!  And later, we discover she's a Baby Girl!

Just after tax season, we fly to Cabo with some friends!

Not yet through with our travel bug, we go on many more trips! 
Flaming Gorge
Lake Powell
Lake Hebgen
Oregon Coast

We go on many other adventures near home!  Our adventure closest to home was a neighborhood crawfish boil!  We made some new friends in the neighborhood, while peeling and eating tons of these crustaceans.

We are invited to a really important exclusive business launch.  Tons of people are flown in from some country in Asia to participate.  Ryan and I could not take this business seriously; it all seemed like such a huge joke.
Then we celebrated our one-year anniversary with massages and dinner at Tiburon!  Such a happy day to celebrate an incredible year!  A little later, we go wake-surfing with friends!  I even got out there at 8 months pregnant!

Ryan wins our ward chili cook-off!  He won 1st place in his category of chili, and then he won the overall contest.  Ryan also goes hunting and shoots a huge bull!  He showcases just one of the butt cheeks below, haha!

Meanwhile for me,
Baby Girl continues to grow straight out.

And just when I'm about to POP...
Our angel, Charlotte Rae, is born!

 We just adore this baby girl!

  Our first night out as parents!  We go to a Carrie Underwood concert!

In just one month, Charlotte develops and matures so much!  Wide eyes and big grins! 

And now we end the year as three.  :)  Family selfies become a bit tricky with such vast height differences.  I love my little family so much!

Upward and onward to 2017!  Love to all of you too.  Thanks for being here with us!

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  1. What a great year! The best part about life though, is that you are by my side, no matter what we do :-) and now Charlotte is also! So incredibly blessed.