Charlotte SMILES at me!

15 December 2016

Charlotte has become infinitely more aware and engaged in her 40 day life span.  

While her eyes have de-puffed, opened wider and wider, expanded their general gaze, and slightly begun focusing on items of close distance, I have not even removed my eyes from Charlotte once in these last 5.5 weeks.  Literally, I've looked at nothing else.

And today, OH MAN!  Guys, today, I had just completed a mediocre diaper change.  I say mediocre because excitement metrics change in motherhood.  I get super stoked about a well-filled, plump little diaper.  Yeah! Go baby go!  Juice that thing up!  So a lightweight diaper is like, meh.  

Anyway, her diaper is wrapped securely to the side, Little Buddy has her ruffly pink pants taut around her waist, protruding her incredible belly bulge, and I am peering down over her face saying all the innane things that people say to babies on repeat.  "Hello!  Hellooooo.  Hiiiiii.  Hi Little Buddy!  Helllooo.  Look at yooouuu.  You are so cute!  Hiiiiiii."  And her little bobble head steadies itself in my direction.  Then she locks eyes with me and stares at me with wide-open wonder.  

And then,

She smiles!!  

Open mouth, HUGE smile!  

I nearly fell over. 

So I swooped her into my arms, and while texting Ryan, I ran to the bedroom to repeat the scenario.  I didn't take my sights off Charlotte while I wobbled my camera around, and I still gratefully captured the below snaps of her in a matter of seconds.  Here's our moment:

What's that? You have a story, mom?     //     Ooo sounds interesting!     //     Okay, I'm listening.

 Hmm, okay, I'm hearing ya.       //       That's actually pretty funny!       //        Actually, it's hilarious!!

Mom, YOU'RE TOO MUCH!!       //       I'M DYING OVER THIS!!       //        MOM! SERIOUSLY, I CAN'T EVEN!!

Okay, stop.  Out of my face now, mom. 

Ryan came home shortly thereafter, and we have yet for a 3rd instance of seeing her gummy grin.  I hope Charlotte has not decided today in ultimatum that her parents are a bore.

Upward and onward,


  1. I seriously can't believe she smiled so big! Wouldn't believe it if you hadn't documented it! Your story is halarious haha :)

  2. WOW!!! That is crazy! Seriously, that's a pretty advanced smile for her age. Love it!!