Rising Above As Our Full Self

20 December 2016


Feeling under-seen.  Under-known.  Undervalued.  When you put your full self out there, and you are received only half-heartedly, or maybe not at all, it hurts.  Quick!  Drawback.  Hide.

And it's easy to feel like, maybe I just want to live as half of myself.  Because a half-person is more accepted than a whole person.  A half person is safer.  Your weaknesses remain unknown.  Your passion doesn't rub against someone else's place of bitterness.  Your beliefs don't get mocked.  Your true personality doesn't get rejected.  You can't be left for naught.

Recently I was talking with my friend Rachel, and I was able to really respect and appreciate her because of how she continues with such strong steps as her whole self, even when she was just marred or disappointed.  We were talking about her recent move to another country, a journey where she dropped many elements of her life to take this opportunity (see my post here), and it has been a severe letdown.  And when she turned back to the people behind it all, there was radio silence.  She felt entirely abandoned and alone.  So she came back swinging and gave her full self to this project and even gave her full, best self to the people who severely disappointed and forsook her.  She is impressive - full of loyalty and tenacity - and she never halves herself into less of a person, even though other people have.  I told her the day will come will she will finally, finally be able to say professionally and personally, "thank you for seeing me.  thank you for valuing me to the degree I should be valued,"  because she deserves a lot more.

I keep my eye on particular people like this in the world - the people who never pull back and fraction themselves into half selves.  Like my above friend Rachel, like Elder Uchtdorf, like Ryan, like my friend Ashley Sargeant.  Even if the world only receives a bit of them, or doesn't appreciate any part of them at all, they still give everything they have.  When all goes low, they go high.  They don't turn inward and feel not enough or off somehow.  They maintain confidence that their goodness and their virtues are just right and they are just not being received as they should.  Their intentions are so pure, and they have such strong willpower and passion to always live it fully.  I respect that so, SO much. 

I am so grateful that we can plant ourselves into spiritual anchors, into tribes of people, into whatever sources that keep us tied together.  I believe it's so important to continually renew and come back swinging as our full self.

Upward and onward,


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