Sweet Baby of Mine

09 December 2016


Today I was cradling Charlotte and singing to her.  She was looking up at me with her almond-blue eyes.  As I sang, she smiled.  It was such a sweet moment.

So far, she randomly smiles or randomly looks around at things.  But it's never focused on anything, and her smiles aren't emotionally connected, they seem more reflexive.

The last month of being a mom to Charlotte has been so magical.

These are some moments that I jotted down:

-Ryan walking around the bed to pick up Charlotte propped up on the pillows. I watch him walking towards her, and he has his eyes on her the whole way. His smile is SO big and full of love. 

-I hold Charlotte against my chest.  I can feel her warm fuzzy head against my lower cheek. Her soft smell of milk drifting to me. She is heavy against me, deep in dreamland. Her legs are curled up under her, just like always, leaving her little bum protruding out. I look at her growing little thighs and smile. I concentrate on the feeling of one of her arms limp, laying across my rib cage. I hear her breath, rhythmic with the pulse of her little head, subtly moving up and down against my body.  

-I love this little being so much. I could never soak up get preciousness. I would move the world for this little girl.

-I sing to her as I cradle her in my arms. Her almond shaped blue eyes and gorgeous eyelashes staring up at me. I lean down towards her, and we are in our own little world. I sing about how much I love her and how special she is to me. She smiles her crooked smile.

-She is never more beautiful to me than in the soft glow of her nursery lamp in the early hours of morning. The color of her skin is so rich and healthy. Her eyes are bright and curious. She pushes her eyebrows up, wrinkling her forehead, or she pushes her lips out in a pooch, checking out all the muscles in her face.

-I love her noises. The squeaks in her sleep.  The tiny little lip smacks when she's hungry. Her little breaths when she's sleeping. The little clicks of her tongue when she's really tired. 

She's so beautiful. So perfect.

Upward and onward,


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  1. Such precious memories of little baby Charlotte :-)