The automatic sifting of the Spirit

07 May 2016

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This morning after working out, I was in the living room stretching and reading Light in the Wilderness on the floor.  I read about how our natural man minds are always in some ego battle, trying to overpower some negative emotion or change a perspective that we know is off, but we just can't straighten it out.  And we spend so much energy in this little pit.

Then it talked about how the Spirit is a source that automatically pulls us out and expands our vision and emotions sift away into stillness.

What ease!  There is so much less resistance going that route.

So I thought about how much easier and better life is when you just make sure you are living wholesome principles.  Then the Spirit is present, and the Spirit naturally sifts away the weights of the natural man mind.

I LOVE that!

Upward and onward,


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