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15 January 2017

Around Here Lately.  What have we been up to?  

Well, we've all been acclimating to becoming a family of three.  

But then we thought, hey, let's not restrain ourselves, so we also got seven chickens and four rabbits.  And now, along with about eighty eggs, we now have six baby bunnies in our spare bathroom right now, haha! 

And if that's not enough to picture Ryan learning about rabbits and taking care of all our animals, well I've taken up studying the benefits of fermentation and a healthy gut.  And I've been in the kitchen, barefoot with a baby snuggled into me, making natural yeast and baking bread from my sourdough starter, which seems to multiply every morning I wake up to feed it.  The first loaf of bread came out a slab of cement, but the second was quite nice and so very healthy.

So, we are growing at all ends here, between Charlotte's adorable belly, the fuzzy bunnies, and the bubbly natural yeast.  Give this family a baby, and now they have a farm!

Also, Ryan and some of his family picked all the grapes from the vines in our backyard and pressed them into a thousand bottles of juice.  It's delicious!  Then Ryan and his mom bottled two million jars of meat from Ryan's elk, deer, geese, and salmon. That makes for some really easy cooking.  We are very happy to have such clean, hormone-free, antibotic-free, and organic meat to raise our family with. 


Oh but that's not all - it's the dawn of my favorite season.  RUNNING SEASON!  And marathon training has begun.  But guess who is running my next marathon with me?


And maybe all our bunnies.

Also, I've taken up boxing!  Ryan hung a punching bag in the garage as a means for me to release excess emotion, namely fatigue frustration.  Kelli sent me a BuzzFeed link recently about the hilarious things tired mothers of newborns have done.  One of the woman beat the heck out of her Roomba because she was so mad about how tired she was; she exclaimed it was a very expensive temper tantrum.  Haha!  The punching bag has proven to be brilliant, and I've enjoyed it so much that I've enrolled in a boxing class.

Also, I've done a bit more decorating around the home.  I love making our home peaceful, serene, and safe.

This is a wall in our family room that Ryan helped me with last week.  *in love*

And here is my desk space where I work everyday and where I write to you now.  I sit to the side of our beautiful front bay window, and Miss Charlotte rocks next to me.

As for Charlotte, she is a happy, easy baby.  I have a hunch that I have quite an extrovert on my hands - always wanting to look around and gurgle at anyone who looks at her.  She most definitely prefers to be in a room with people.  She sleeps seven hours a night, and when she wakes up in the mornings, she's happy to kick and coo in her crib until I come get her.  We work out together in the mornings.  She does so from her rocker, kicking and flailing and laughing at what I'm doing.  Then we have bath time and breakfast time and sun time and singing time.  In the afternoon, she'll conk out for a solid two hours, and I breeze through all my work.  Then we quickly do a bunch of cleaning and chores, while Ryan drives home for work.  Then it's time for more grinning and play time and kicking, kicking, kicking!  Then around eight, she's out like a light.  She's such a bright joy to our days.


Here's to our love, farm, and safety!

Upward and onward,

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  1. Gosh I love our little "farm", our home, and more than anything, our family! I've never been so happy :)

  2. Awww!!! Love it!! I need to come visit soon!