Boundary Lines

26 January 2017

I am beginning to understand that the people who are most triggering for me to be around are people who represent a past version of myself, or at least one that is still  a "work-in-progress.".  They manifest qualities that I consciously shed, or am at least still trying to.  And the susceptible part of my human nature folds back into an easy reflection of those qualities.  I am dislodged into a weakened state.  If I had fully overcome those weaknesses, I think I would be able to be in their presence without a problem.  But it at least helps to think of it in this way.  Because then I am not at odds with them; I am just dissatisfied with the weaker version of myself that emerges when I am around then.  And honoring that side of me is a good thing to do, so I can fairly draw a boundary line there.  Not as a no to them, but as a yes to sustaining my improved state.

Upward and onward,

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