Happy Birthday, Handsome!

15 January 2017

Ryan's birthday was on Friday!

We eased into our celebrations with some Mexican food and the Disney movie Hercules.  It was so classic, and the night was such a reprieve from our busy, stressful week.  A perfect sing-a-long movie.  Then the next evening, we took Charlotte to a neighbor's house, and we went out on a true date!  Joe's Crab Shack - just like last year for his birthday dinner - where we celebrated with lobster, crab, and a waiter who was all too much fun.  Then we went and saw Passengers in the very front row of a sold out theater.  Basically we were laying flat on our backs and flipping our heads back and forth to see what was happening on the other side of the screen a mile away.  We drove home and raved about the movie.  Perhaps my expectations were set low, because I was blown away.  I really enjoyed it.  Then on Sunday evening, we celebrated just a bit more with another Disney classic - Mulan.  I made sure to sing all the songs as I cooked dinner.  

And some of my thoughts on Ryan.... :)

I actually wrote these out a couple weeks ago when I felt so overwhelmed to have Ryan as my helpmeet.

When I used to hear snippets of people reflecting on their marriages, it seemed that they were offering small warnings to brace yourself on all the annoyances you will discover upon living with someone.  I've found quite the opposite to be true.  Since I've married Ryan, I've found him to be more of a man, a partner, a best friend, a confidant, and a supporter than I even realized when I was first getting to know him.  In so many ways, he has exceeded my expectations since we've been married.  Sure, we are still two individuals who practice the art of cohesion, but it is never without love and security.

What I love about Ryan:  

- I love that he is so even-keel.  Things just roll off his back, and he lets life come and go so easily. 

- I love that he only focuses on the good and reflects on that as he shares his days and experiences with me.  He chooses to pocket the positive and let the rest go.  I believe this is why so much good comes to him, because that is where he places his awareness.  It's powerful to be a witness of his life.

- I  love that he is sooooo wise.  so intelligent.  so professional.  so focused.  so hard-working.  so ambitious. 

- I love that he is so patient.  It takes quite a bit to rile him.

- I love that he can emotional engage with me and support me and love me, at any time of day or night!  He is always there for me.  His love is freely given and never withheld.  I am so SO grateful for that.

- I love that he is completely non-judgmental.  I don't think others are aware of how safe they are to be a comrade of Ryan's.  He not only doesn't utter anything negative about anyone ever (because he doesn't even see that side of people), but he actively stands up for people who's names may come up.  (Except for when I'm telling him about girls on the Bachelor cast.  He laughs and mocks at them right along with me). 

- I love that he lives his passions.  He has so many interests and hobbies.  He is never afraid to try something new or dive into learning about something.

- I love that he is a man of God.  A few weekends ago, we drove to Moab for his brother's mission farewell, and Ryan got up during the Sacrament to join his dad at the Sacrament table to give the priests more hands in preparation.  I loved that he was aware of the ordinance needing more assistance.

- And also, he is always willing to lend a hand.  As we stopped in the middle of a winter storm, climbing up a bitter mountain pass in freezing weather and terrible awful roads to help a poor couple pull their car out of the snow:

I love you, Ryan.  

Upward and onward,


  1. Wow, that was so nice. I don't even know how to respond to it. You are so good with words, but I feel so inadequate trying to respond. Thank you for such a NICE birthday weekend. It was perfect! And thank you for all the kind things you said. I just want to be the best I can for you and Charlotte. And I've improved a lot since I married you--you make me want to be the best version of myself so I can live up to the standard you set! Love you more than words can express!

  2. I love the picture at the end!