Energetic Seedlings of a God

26 February 2017


It has been a difficult last few days.   :x

But, some good things.  I'm reading a book right now that is sooooo enlightening for me.  The God Seed by M. Catherine Thomas.   I'll share a couple quotes from her book below - I'll save your eyeballs from posting the entire text of the book.  Though I am drowning in brilliantly deep thoughts from this read.  This woman understands that nature of our eternal beings better than anyone else.  (I've raved more about her here and here).

I'm in Tampa, Florida for the week with Ryan & Charlotte and Gary & Sandy.  Today we went to a local LDS church service, and it was amazing!  Relief Society and the confidence of those women hit me so powerfully.  I love being a follower of this Gospel.  It speaks a lot of truth to me.

And now, the quotes.

We already have within our being the energetic seedlings of the attributes of God.  They need only the light of our awareness, a spiritual practice, and the ever-present enabling power of the Lord.

M. Catherine Thomas

[We] have got to learn how to make ourselves Gods, Kings, Priests, etc. -- by going from a small to a great capacity, as all Gods have done.  Till [you] are able to dwell in everlasting burnings and everlasting power. 

Joseph Smith

Upward and onward,


  1. Love the quotes!!
    I hope you're loving the warm weather!!

  2. And the warm weather is always good for the soul. :)